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The Power of STOP

One of the interwoven themes in the book, Getting To Happy: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, is the recommendation to STOP in your tracks the moment you recognize uncomfortable emotions. Powerful emotions overwhelm us at the moment.  When we do not understand their message, when we fight against an emotion, the emotion gets louder, stronger, more intense.  We can work ourselves up into a tantrum. Tantrums affect the well-being of ourselves and those who suffer our outburst. There is power in stopping.  Getting To Happy recommends that we STOP, LOOK, and FIND SOMETHING THAT FEELS BETTER.  Why does this work so well? 1.  STOPPING.  The brain can think of only one thought at a time.  If you stop the thought of annoyance, you can replace the thought with something that feels better. Feeling good always brings about better outcomes! 2.  STOPPING allows time for a new thought.  Think of the brain as a computer.  We can exit one window and enter another; we can open an additional app to help us with the task at hand. 3.  STOPPING gives us a moment to reset our brain, if needed.  Restarting a computer reorganizes data back to a workable playing field.  When we stop in our tracks, we take ourselves back to first gear.  Sometimes our ignored emotions  are unconsciously embraced and become so loud that we need to put our gear in neutral. 4. The louder the emotion, the farther you are away from your goals.  Achieving your personal goals feels good.  You can think uncomfortable

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Pre-Order “Getting To Happy”

Getting To Happy — Learn to Read Emotional Messages has a release date!  You can pre-order on Amazon and have it downloaded to your kindle devices November 21st!  If you are a prime member, you can read it free from the lending library. I am so pleased to have worked on this project.  Now, I’m planning to create an audio book as an enhancement.  These are satisfying times!

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Q&A on Getting To Happy

Hello Again! I am still happily writing Getting To Happy and am making great progress.  Here’s a draft of questions and answers  readers might have about this book.  If you have others, please leave a comment and I’ll address your question or comment in this book!  Thank you in advance for your participation! Q: How do I know if I am headed in a direction that will provide fabulously fun times? A: Easy! Look for what feels good and follow that path! Q. Why this particular topic? A: See what will happen when we place a moratorium on negative thinking. Become aware of how we feel when we hear negative thoughts. How will we feel when we turn them into alternative positive viewpoints? Let’s ease into awareness of our surroundings. Our goal is to let your positive attitudes lead the way for the sake of happiness, not for getting things we want, and think we don’t have. We will focus on our peace, our abundance and quality of life. I have never regretted time spent looking at the brighter side of life! Q: I don’t have any serious problems, what good will this book do for me? A: We all have concerns from time to time. We’re brought up to think this is the normal way of living. Many of us focus on health issues, family issues, lonely issues, work issues, dissatisfaction issues, money issues, fix-it syndrome and always a what’s next energy going on. All of these issues come

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Getting To Happy

Hi everyone!  I’m looking forward to the completion of a work-in-process:  Getting To Happy.  It should be ready for print in December!  What a wonderful, fun project.  It just keeps getting better. Here is a partial draft as an introduction.  Enjoy!  And, keep smiling! My Loyalty To Happiness This book is written for me, and offered to you! I find myself struggling when I unconsciously observe situations around me. I often observe sickness, aging, repetitive suffering, misunderstanding, inability to relate in ways that inspire and allow happiness. I know happiness exists eternally somewhere deep inside. I want to revisit my natural inclination to live a happier, more satisfying life. I want to develop physical representations that are pleasing to me by elevating my attitude. I invite you to come along with me. If you are serious about living a happy life, this can be the book to visit often. I have been told repeatedly that all good things must come to an end. Family members have insinuated that you can’t be happy all the time. Even though I find myself sinking beyond my natural state of happiness, I firmly believe it is always present. It is up to me to allow the frequency that matches happiness. Happiness is my natural state of being. It is possible to live happily ever after. It is possible to conduct myself within certain attitudes that match happiness. There is little to be gained for me to resonate with the lower vibrations of negative thinking.

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