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Better To Think New Thoughts

Before we begin: See on twitter Oliver Hunt, #Oliverthereader, Narrator of William Pardon Tankerfield the Third and a Googol of Wishes, is celebrating his brother Jon’s new music release . LISTEN HERE.   Positively magical.

It would be great to share a beautiful piece of music. Helping people unfold their dreams! So Good!  Goes right along with positive thinking!

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life Products

In first three years of your life you were in the receptive mode much of the time. You were observing the world around you and you freely interacted with it. You may not have many memories of this time. You were engrossed in relating and interacting with people, places and things around you. Your eyes and attention were often wide open!

Whenever your body felt something you did not choose, you learned to communicate through crying. When you were delighted, you often let it all out with screams of joy. You were close to your non-physical being-ness. Your parents often saw you staring blankly into space and wondered what world you were in.

Now you may be pretty much set in your ways. Even the most conscious of us, forget old thoughts can become stagnant and negative. Negative thoughts can influence our life. One negative plus one negative equal two negatives. Two negatives plus two negatives equal four negatives. When our thoughts center around worrying over money, a test, the loss of a friend, or even remembering hurtful experiences, we block the possibilities of positivity!

The thing is you can’t have any happiness without positivity. This is due to the fact happiness cannot coexist with negativity. Changing your world depends on your ability to live in a happy environment. Your biggest job today is to find ways to improve upon negative thinking.

Re-wording the way you talk about something can create a more positive thought.

Words are formed to express a specific meaning or attitude.  Words have the power to hold us in current situations. Words are close evidence of our thoughts.

Yet, we use words so casually. We seldom think about word’s impact on ourselves and others. We sprinkle words around from morning to night and rarely take responsibility for them or notice how they form our day.  We have been born into a world of pre-existing meaning.  It is challenging to break away from negativity.  

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages — Barbara Dean Aliaga

A challenge is never to be feared! I believe you can have no thoughts without words. So, how we use them is important!


  • ARE LIGHTLY THOUGHTFUL. Remember the infant/toddler? Can’t you hear the little one coo and giggle at what is seen, felt, heard, touched, smelled?
  • EMIT GENEROSITY. It is easy to relate to others with inclusivity and without judgement when you engage in positive words .
  • SEND MESSAGES OF EASE, WELL-BEING, SATISFACTION. Whether you are walking to work, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, driving a car, making dinner, when positive thoughts are vibrating within your brain, you receive happy messages. This way you will know your thinking is positive. If you feel poorly, you are thinking negative thoughts, even if you are not paying attention.

Exercising, socializing and meditating will help wean you from negative thinking (worry, anxiety, disappointment, anger, resentment, jealousy, depression, etc.). Choosing on-going education is an excellent way to change your thoughts by improving your words. This can include traveling to a new country or state, walking across the street to get better acquainted with a neighbor, reading a book difficult for you to read, listening to a new type of music until you can understand its magic.

As part of your early morning preparation for the day, it can be fun to choose one new person, place or thing you are going to meet up with this day. This is how I came up with the February Commitment to Write Challenge!

You may agree, when you first realized the power you have over your life, everything changed. Now it is time to better understand this power. We are here as individuals. Yet we are also here intrinsically joined to every person, place and thing. What choices will we make for ourselves, realizing the impact on others. Are we able to lift ourselves up and others also. This is the new way of thinking that brings a more positive life.

One positive plus one positive always leads to a better direction. The time is now! Best to you, Barbara