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Summer party etiquette: designer paper plates!

Do you find yourself sharing fearful headlines? You know, high inflation?

Are you spending most of your conversations talking about gas and food prices going up? Do you keep fear alive by repeating news stories? It doesn’t have to be so miserable. And, you can help!

There’s quite a few silent people who know and experience what appears to be a secret. Do you know what it is?

It isn’t some conspiracy theory. There’s little to no fear in this secret. Guess it yet?

The title may have veered off track, because it’s not exactly designer paper plates. But it may be an example of this essay’s subject.

After all these years, no matter how bad things seemed in the world: wars, city unrest, riots, protests, earthquakes, fires, floods, raises in prices, ….. on and on…. we survive and find ways to bounce forward!

You see, I keep telling you, I’m 76! … and my point is this. I have lived a lot of years. I’ve been sick, well; poor, rich; angry, happy; all spectrums of life.

The secret: No matter how bad and fearful things seem to be, everything always works out for us.

If you are feeling anxious, turn on your music, dance your goofy dance, laugh, go outside and find a tree to talk to (they are really good listeners). You will be fine.

Things always work out for you. This time is no exception. Hold on to love! Lead with your heart! Champion yourself and everyone around you….that’s your best protection. That’s how you can enjoy life now.

My favorite memories as a child were driving up to Tilden Park, the Berkeley hills in California. Our family took our dinner, a tablecloth, funny hats, paper plates and napkins. maybe a Frisbee ….and all the troubles of the world faded away.

So if you are coming over to the. brighter side of life, perhaps you’d like to buy some of my magic artwork. Paper plates are a great way to raise the spirits in your household. And, I have buried love in each design!

You know what they say, “If you don’t live happy, you’ll never be happy!” Bring peace, love and joy to the world in your life!