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New Beginnings Today and Everyday

Just like a canvas, this empty box of nothingness is just waiting to be filled with typewritten words, ideas that have never been put together in quite the same way. All artistic expression comes from nothingness and mysteriously emerges into something-ness!  It is what I am doing right this very moment.

The same can be said for each morning. With awareness, there is always an opportunity for new expression, greatness.

I’ve often wondered why we require sleep each day. What is it that takes place when we are unconscious? You can answer by giving me a lot of scientific and biological reasons why sleep is required, but I believe there’s more treasure in the answer.  What is the deeper reason? Is there a hidden opportunity for me?   Am I not given a clean slate in life each day to express whatever I like?

Right now I am rested and ready to take on the adventure of the day.  What opportunities to learn new things, meet new people, solve new puzzles and challenges await me?  I am filled with hope upon awakening every day.  Today will be a most wonderful memory tomorrow!

Here are two ideas for making each day a new beginning:

  1. Wake up with the idea that your job today is to find three happy surprises.  Decide whether your surprises will be discovered at play, at exercise, at work or at home.  Know that you will need to write down the discoveries at the end of the day in order to win this game of life.  Can you feel yourself getting more enthused about the day?  And, so you should, because you definitely are in for three happy surprises and you don’t want to miss them!
  2. Wake up knowing that today is different from any day you have ever lived.  First feel your feet and notice how different they feel to you. Stand on the floor and walk from heel to toe and become aware of the fact that you can walk.  Decide you are going to walk with a new awareness today.  Make a plan to walk to three new places that you have never walked before.  That can be a walk around the block at lunchtime, or a walk around your house with a new awareness of gratitude for your surroundings, or even a walk through a store with new insights into the amazing choices that are awaiting you down each aisle.

With a slight positive slant on your day, you will find your day filled with wondrous experiences this very day!  Each day you are given a clean slate with which to enjoy and to express whatever is within.  Go ahead.  Dance through today with a bright, new attitude of expectation!