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Merry Month of May Gifting and Thoughts

What awakens a sense of warmer days, of brighter moments? Bright colors and warm smiles of confidence. We hope to celebrate these last few days of May joyfully.


Join us in choosing happier moments, kinder words, colorful surroundings!


Each individual can become the change we want for others by elevating our level of happiness.

Fighting has seldom moved the needle for a happier life. It has muddied the waters for my well-being. So once again, I encourage us to sing, dance, paint, write, laugh, exercise, and whatever celebrates goodness, joy, happiness and love within our own circumstances, within our own ability to allow the goodness and fun of life.

Today, and every day, let’s focus on our stretch ability for an authentic good time

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Glass painting — First Experiment

With a trip to the nearby thrift shop, I have spent some time experimenting with painting on glass. I bought 6 wine glasses for 25 cents each and a plate for 75 cents. I began painting the plate with acrylic and saw that the adhesion was spotty. So, I waited for it to dry and began painting with oil. And, of course, I have waited and waited for this to dry. Today I decided to try painting the pumpkins and tree on top of the somewhat sticky oil and see what happens. It seemed to work pretty well.

I now am in search of some sort of spray to bring the picture to an even shine. Not bad for a first try. I tell you, there’s a lot of fun that went into my 75 cent investment! Can’t beat this!

Today, I bravely took the wine glasses into my hands, one by one, and let my fingers do the walking. Here’s the result:

I plan to let these glasses dry for a couple of days before testing them for wash ability. It is possible I don’t have the correct paint.

At this point I value the experience of painting on glass and exploring my options in design. I will invest in appropriate paints if I find these do not stand up to normal wash and wear. Any input is appreciated in advance.

Personalized glasses and vases would make wonderful gifts.

I encourage you to explore some form of arts. The effort will provide a happier and more satisfied and peaceful you. I hope this little story encourages you to go out an create something!

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Beautiful Days Begin From Within

There is only one job I have today. Find thoughts that are peaceful, joyful and allow happiness. Let go of thoughts that are worrisome, depressing and vibrate poor feelings.

Feelings of unhappiness and unrest suggest an imbalance. Think about why you want what you want. Can good feelings exist with your current thoughts?

Good feelings come from a higher, lighter energy. And, trying to force good feelings while entertaining worrisome thoughts doesn’t really work. Ever tried forcing a flower to blossom? Check out your actions this morning. Were you at ease, feeling like you were floating down the river on a sunny afternoon? If not, you can change right now. You may need to rest from trying too hard.

  1. And it may not only be the 7-8 hours of sleep you wish you had that’s keeping you from the happy flow of life. Here are some restful activities you can enjoy during the day, that have been known to bring a happier balance back to your life. If you haven’t taken time for yourself lately, try one of these activities to offer balance to all that you ask of yourself during the day. — You know, work stress, family stress, maintenance stress, etc. You can choose activities that balance the time you spend to give your body and soul rest and reassurance until all is well. You may be amazed how easy your tasks can be achieved when you are at ease. So, if you are feeling a bit uneasy and imbalanced, try one or more of the following:
    1. Read a book. Many public libraries provide ebooks and audio books. If this is available to you, consider yourself fortunate. Books still hold treasures for you, spur your imagination, take you to worlds you would never have know, keep you from stagnation.
    2. Listen and enjoy music as a primary experience.
    3. Paint or draw pictures — not to sell, but to learn about yourself. Use painting or drawing as a way to meditate, to slow down those thoughts that are giving you unrest
    4. Take a walk by yourself with no particular destination in mind.
    5. Be quiet in a garden. Be receptive to the birds, butterflies, bugs, flowers, grass. If you catch yourself making lists of what needs to be done in the garden, you may want to stop and find something that can hold your restful enjoyment.

This may sound a little weird to you, but beautiful days are brought to you when you begin walking within what you wish you had. I am encouraging myself to walk a fraction ahead of how I want things to be for me now. When I am balanced in mind, body and soul, I am able to relax enough to enjoy the road to my dreams. I am confident, my dreams are unfolding in just the way I want them to unfold. I breathe with ease. I breathe with confidence. I breathe with love.

What would you be doing if you were experiencing a beautiful day? Begin doing these things now. You and I have the power from within.

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