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Who acts with wisdom?

Clarity of Wisdom

This holiday I would like the gift of wisdom. Of course, I have received this sense of fresh, solid goodness often over the years, but It’s needed in my life more so now.


  • Good sense
  • Prudence
  • Comprehension
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Discernment

Why is it needed at this time?

World news continues to expose dark times with startling examples, while omitting and/or balancing bright directive examples of current events.

There is a conflict inside of me. To flee, fight or surrender is a common human response.

I am here to enjoy life, not fight for my point of view. My upbringing often challenges this belief. My days can be missing the ease and clarity wisdom brings. The challenges of reaching excellence — the best that we can be — leaves me spent at the end of each day.

The gift of wisdom sustains the best of me. It brightens my day’s path. It creates meaning like sparkling soda.

Most important is the effect of wisdom, sound thinking. It allows love to flow out from my actions — my smile, my words, my ease and patience with those who do not have or do not know how to utilize the wisdom gift.

Wisdom is the helping gift to my better, more peaceful world. Anytime love is allowed to flow, I am transformed into a better human being. I share lighthearted rather than dogmatically defensive or offensive.

Yes, I would like more wisdom for Christmas!

Happy Holidays…..

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The Presence of Christmas




Quiet peace,

Like the snow

It softly falls upon our thoughts

Of one another and covers our

Consciousness for a brief, wonderful moment.



Winter Holidays can remind us about the softer things in life.  Peace and joy become objects that cover our hearts this time of  year.  Decorations, gift-giving, singing, and holiday music do their job to remind us about the existence of joy.

In fact, joy is always present within each of us. You probably are not aware of breathing going on right now, but some joyful event is sending oxygen to all parts of your body without your awareness. Unless your body is sick, you do not need to reach for ways to breathe. Unless you are out of balance and blocking your source of energy with sad, negative thoughts, joy and happiness is radiating all aspects of your life.

Instead of thinking of joy as something to reach out for, it may be helpful to think of  joy as the center of your being. Think of it as something you can be present to.  It is our substance. We can wish someone joy and happiness, but perhaps what we are really doing is saying to remember who you are!  Remember that you are made of joy and happiness.

The next time someone wishes you happiness try thinking about the fact that you don’t have to locate an object to make you happy.  It is your core being.  It is who you are.  Take their wish and celebrate your core being! Thank them for the reminder.

I hope you think of my wish for you in a new light.  I wish you a Joyful Christmas!

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On the eve of Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas  It has been said  that the source of energy is within each of us.  It appears to me that love is the source of energy.  The first rule of celebrating Christmas is to take a moment to celebrate yourself and the magnificent service of your body and mind.  If you would take a moment and give yourself a gift of the present moment.  Take a deep breath of satisfaction.  Take a moment to think about the amazing production that is taking place right now in your circulatory system.  Take a moment to think about how lucky you are to see this computer and the words I am writing.  Amazing.

I don’t even know you, but I am able to reach out to you.  This is the miracle of the present moment.  This is something I can be grateful for and celebrate.  I can enjoy myself.  And, when I love myself I can find it oh so easy to love others.  As I love others I find that there is no limit to my love.  At this time of year, I am grateful for life within and without me.

Just a reminder: the happiness of the holidays does not have to exist only within large gatherings.  It can be found with as few as one, although it can be magnified with another or others.  The point here is that life is here for all of us, no matter how many or how few are around our table.

Be at peace and freely enjoy yourself!