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Commitment to Write: Day 24 February 2019

Stream of Consciousness

Message in Emotions

I like to write in a stream of consciousness manner. Today is such a time. The threads of thought interest me. Like a dimmer switch, positive thoughts can gradually bring more light into my world.

Today’s topic begins around Copyright Laws. I wonder when copyright laws were first enacted. I read articles on the search engine. An early (500sAD) dispute ensued between two monks in Ireland. The student copied the teacher’s Latin Psalter. The teacher placed value on his translation and brought the matter to King Dermott. The king issued an edict in favor of the teacher, stating to every cow belong its calf, so to every book belong its copy.

I begin to question, does the cow really own the calf? Is this a helpful premise. Or is the concept of ownership something of the past? Are we here as one great being. Are all to be respected as one within one?

Why do we fight among ourselves? Do we hold premises leading to conflict? What good are these thoughts to me at this time? I am struggling to write today’s blog. But I push on. Think about it. What is it that makes us want to cut out our piece of the world and defend it from all others. Why do we gather in exclusive groups? Why do we refer to others in ways that exclude them from us? Is it really helpful to exclude people by identifying their category? Pondering these thoughts bring me no satisfaction.

As you can see, it is a challenge for me to remain on the Happy train, with these kind of questions. My focus is on foolish, negative situations, I am talking to no one. And, it benefits no one except as an example of how to waste time. My feelings are not positive. I have one important thing going for me, though. I know feelings are messages. When they don’t feel good, I know without a doubt I am heading in the wrong direction. I am being called to change my actions, my thoughts, my attitude until I can feel better.

Once I recognize the message, I feel a surge of reassurance, rest, I’m coming home to happiness. What a gift we have in emotions.

So what started with a mission to think about ownership versus sharing led to feeling poorly. I was led to believe I do not act like other people do. People I don’t even know. I do not think like they do. This cannot be determined until I have a conversation. And, I’m stuck in a premise we all need to think the same way. And, this is a faulty premise. Conscious of my poor feelings and responding, has prompted me to create better feelings. We are free to think and experience at our own pace and in our own way. We see from different points of view. We are individuals who make up a whole. It is a variety of ones; not one is identical, even if similar.

My feelings tell me I am heading in the direction of the Happy Train and I enjoy the journey back. Peace has set upon me. I now choose to enter an activity expressing joy, peace and happiness. This was a good exercise. We do have an amazing navigational tool built into our thought system called emotions.

Addendum: Twenty-four days of writing. Only 4 more days! But I would bet I continue in this habit. It has turned to an unconscious commitment, now coded within my psyche.