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Politicians Are Using Powerful Pollutants

Even a child now understands that to be president you need enough money to publically slander your opposing candidate in order to win the election.  Here are my observations:

  1. The United States has a great, 3-way, check-and-balance system.  It works when each appreciate and respect the purpose of the other.
  2. Children who bully and lie about their classmates in the same manner that we witness nightly between candidates are disciplined. Yet our children are watching these demonstrations nightly on TV.
  3. Those of us who are smart enough to refrain from watching only commercial-free TV and no news during this year of presidential election will be safe from political pollutants.  Thoughts and words that cover our natural ability for happiness are recognized and carefully discarded.
  4. Our Declaration of Independence assures us the right to pursue happiness. How are we to achieve a government in pursuit of happiness when we are caught up in gossip.  It was interesting to see that candidates put a moratorium on negative campaigning during the Christmas season. Is the message here saying that negative campaigning is a necessary evil; at whose expense?  Should not our government prohibit unhappy, disrespectful, and angry political campaigns and potential leaders?
  5. When we tolerate the irritation of nightly commercials that all but yell at us about the evils and weaknesses of the other, we, ourselves, are worn down.  We ask ourselves: Are these our intended leaders?  How will we be inspired by them once they are elected?  How will they create an environment that will allow us to pursue happiness?
  6. People actually take on one ugly side or the other, and retell the angry stories they have heard on talk-shows, news, or advertisements.  Emails and blogs are written to persuade others to see how the “other” candidate is a creep and their candidate is the only one who can make things better.

Even writing about politics makes me leave my happy zone and enter the craziness.  So, I’m going to breathe and remember a few things.

  1. Respect is an attitude that always gives me happiness.  Respect begins with respecting myself.
  2. Anytime I hear angry and bullying lies, I must breath and speak freely that there is no love or happiness within negative intentions and only negative outcomes can come from negative words. When I refuse to feed the fire, the fire dies.  When I refuse to give energy to arguments, the arguments die.
  3. TV is not the only recreation in this world.  No matter what we may think, we are not more intelligent because we watch the news.  It is possible to watch commercial-free TV via a computer. There is a way to tape programs so that you can bypass all commercials and as long as commercials contain negative, hard-sell and degrading emotions, the advertising market will “feel” the impact.
  4. We do have a right to be who we are: happy, loving beings.  We are!  We do not need to be afraid of anything or anyone!  We have all we need!  We do not need to beware of any government or government official.  They are of the same substance as us.  There is nothing to war about, my friends.
  5. Effective leaders are mirrors of our best self, our true self.  Effective leaders radiate our happy, loving us.
  6. I was first taught the art of debating in fifth grade.  It was taught as a method to help students grow intellectually.  Respect for your opponent was key.  It was understood that all sides would have valid points.  Debates were a way for students to flush out all the facets of a particular subject for the good of the class.  The class would then have a better understanding of the subject and decide their course of action based on the fine presentation of the debators.  It was considered ineffectual and lazy debating for students to rely on disparaging remarks about the other side.  The debater who won was the one who was most clever about producing a clear statement and roadmap for its achievement.  It held humor that was humorous never remarks that were hurtful to the other.  Well, that is my memory of a long-passed art.

I have a favorite cup that has my painting called, Community by Another Angle.  I am happy to hold it and so happy to be living this Saturday with my husband and my dog.  I have happy thoughts of my son and his family visiting the beach.  I am going to clean up our house a bit and I am going to write more on my next book.  I am close to who I am.  That is the challenge of life.  As I keep saying, “All You Need Is Love.”