Saturday night: Rocking to Classic Rock

Don’t wait for happy days to come! They are here somewhere. Begin to act like they are here and they will come! Really. Remember: build it and it will come. Do something that makes you live the kind of life you wish we all had now. Believe, hope, love.

The Art of Living

By embracing the changes this pandemic has brought to our door, we can survive. We can thrive!

Painting Reproduced Onto Pillow — Looks pretty awesome!

Scenic Original Painting Toss Pillow by Cushionarium View other Blue Pillows at Several years ago I painted this scene on canvas board.  It was a delight to paint.  It’s been selling on and since then.  Today, I wondered how it would look on a pillow and it looks great.  Hope you enjoy!Continue reading “Painting Reproduced Onto Pillow — Looks pretty awesome!”

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