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For those who love the printed word….

For those of you who love holding a book in your hand while reading, here’s a chance to buy one book and get a second one at 50 % off.  One day only at Lulu.com.

I discovered Lulu.com a few months ago.  On the bottom of the iTunes page there was a link for publishing your books and both Lulu.com and Smashwords.com were prominent companies referred for writers and musicians.  It is an interesting concept for those of us who are unexpicably creative.

The substance of creativity is generosity.  It is difficult to create something from nothing and then hide it away in some corner.  Creative expression shouts connectivity.  It is so satisfying when my words fall into someone’s mind and returned to me in a new, creative forms.

The interchange, sharing of ideas and expression is like air.

Whatever you can imagine, you can do!

Even though I am one of those people who enjoy the journey more than the arrival, I do find great satisfaction in completing a book project begun in October.

In October I began writing about positive solutions to help others heal from very difficult situations.   As in most efforts to help others, I benefited.   I moved towards consistently choosing positive solutions over complaining or worrying.  As a practice administrator, this can be an ongoing challenge. Yet each day, I see evidence of greater opportunities to find the joy that exists within me at all times.  I look forward to enjoying this adventure and I eagerly embrace the wonderful adventures that lie ahead.  I hope to embrace them all!

If you are interested or know someone who would benefit from reading this little book, it is available here and soon on Amazon.com

As you’ve probably heard before, you can do anything you put your mind to.  It is true!

Can cells feel happiness? How to go back to sleep when worry knocks at the door.

Last night I awoke with a thought about National Geographic and how we had enrolled in a year’s subscription for $10.00 and had not received the magazine.  It seemed like a lot of weeks, even perhaps months, have gone by since we sent our check.  My, oh, my.  My brain liked chewing on this little worry.  Was this a scam?  Is there something I should do?  My mind had turned on all alerts, calling me right out of sleep!  Alarm!  Alarm!

But I know about worrisome thoughts.  I know they can’t be trusted in the middle of a night’s sleep.  So I began this fun exercise.  It worked so well, I thought I’d share it with you.

I began painting pictures in my mind.  I drew a lovely scenic ocean view with lots of warm sand and bright waves gently crashing on the shore.  It gave me a moment to change gears.  Then, because I had recently read about the ability of cells to feel happiness, I began to think about all the cells in my body.  I pictured these cells as jolly, giggling spheres of motion.  I pictured the cells in my blood letting themselves be pushed through my veins and arteries.  These cells were happy!  They were enjoying the ride!  I had an all new understanding of the song, “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy, deep in my heart!”  

Joy lives in energy!  That was my happy discovery in the middle of the night.  And as I gave attention to all the celebration taking place in my toes, my feet, my legs, my stomach, my heart, my lungs, my throat, my face, my brain, I fell back to sleep.

I awake this morning with a smile on my face.  Good morning to you!  Hope this little exercise helps you too.

Protests, Conflicts, Occupations, Anger, Sadness, et al

For me, the question has always been: Will we ever have peace in the world?  We keep thinking that if we fight what we don’t like about another’s point of view we will achieve peace. Peaceful protesting certainly has its place in a democracy. We stand up and are counted only to become the ones who others want to fight. There is more work to do. If we are to succeed in our protest we need to open up our point of view to allow others to join us. We need to grow, to create a larger picture of our situation.

It does not appear simple but it can be.

Peace can come from acknowledging peace.  You can change the world by changing your limited views.  You can change the world by leaving the negative thoughts that enslave you toward negative action of others to new thoughts of inclusion. Two negatives actions seldom are the reason for a positive outcome. Somehow we have forgotten to apply this to our life.

Leaving Depression and Disappointment Behind

Bad things may have happened to you making you feel like a victim and wanting to tell people over and over the story of how you have been hurt, troubled, victimized.  Each time you retell your sad story that shocked and ruined your life, you begin to create a cycle of new experiences that will mirror the ones you already have and for all accounts, seem be attracting.  Let go of the disappointments.  Each time you find yourself talking about how unfair the government is or the corporations are, you attract more inequalities.

Try hard to create conversations with others that do not include your sadness or your anger.  Focus daily on the the moments of achievement. Focus on an activity that will change your thoughts to those that bring peace and happiness to you and those around you.  As you turn your thoughts, conversations and actions toward whatever brings you happiness, you will find more, and more situations that are happy to fill your days.  It is simple.  Take the first step!

Don’t give up. You can demonstrate, actualize, peace in this world.

The Importance of Assessing Your Thoughts

When I began my newest project in writing I was eager to get to completion.  I created Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort for my niece who had experienced the hardest of life’s realities, that of the death of her mother.

As the writing took place, I realized that I would need to commit to the directives of positive thinking found within the book.  I practiced the exercises to see if they indeed could turn around negative, painful thinking.  The results were amazing.

Not only was I happier, my situation improved.  My life became fuller.  I was able to accomplish more.  More people came into my life who delighted me.  Parking places opened up for me.  Solutions to daily challenges became clearly apparent.

Living in the dark is a choice.  The way to turn on the light in any dark situation is to think a positive thought.  My workbook will give you ideas that will help you keep the lights on!

Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort is available in print and ePub.  For those who read this book, it would be most helpful for me to hear your reviews.  Has this book helped you?  How have you taken it to another level?  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Barbara Dean Aliaga