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Commitment to Write: Day 3 February 2019

Happy Thoughts, Happy World

Today people may ask if you will be watching the Super Bowl. There can be specific energy surrounding all of it: the game, commentators, commercials, half-time and the excuse to party! Before I start my day, it helps to remember my thoughts about Super Bowl may excite, confuse and even irritate me. I want to enjoy this day regardless of a Super Bowl.

I have an opportunity to pause and choose the type of day most satisfying to me. Here are recommendations:

Begin your day with APPRECIATION

Gratitude is the healthiest of emotions. What brings a smile to your face as you rise? This is the state of appreciation.

We are fortunate beings. Fortunate! Air, water, sunshine, breezes, lakes, oceans, mountains, trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, butterflies, friends, family, storekeepers, cars, houses, and this is just the beginning of a list you can make! There is music. There are so many types of rhythms and melodies, it is boundless. There are instruments you can learn to play. There are activities like walking, hiking, swimming, running, playing games, washing clothes, drawing, painting, you know we could go on and on. 

a quote from “Getting To Happy: Learning To Read Emotional Messages

When you take time to be appreciative, you allow, relax and breathe. Let a smile form on your face and you meet the best of yourself. You allow the power of the big picture to lead you to new insights, new adventures.

What brings a smile to your face right now? List five people, places and/or things you enjoy. Feel even better as you exercise appreciation. As soon as you feel better, you can be reassured you are aware of the connection with your invisible self. And, that is always good for starting your day!

Pay attention to your FEELINGS during the day

Emotions can alert us to our proximity to happiness.

For now, know it is possible to recognize the disturbing emotions of sadness, anger, resentment as warning signs. The larger the feeling, the louder the message.  What is the alert, you ask? Loud, irritating, uncomfortable feelings are announcing you are on the wrong path.  The feelings will soften or become louder depending on your proximity to a happy state. Your emotions tell you if the direction you take is getting you closer to the goals you think about. To the degree you begin your day with a commitment to seek unity with your goals is the degree you succeed.

a quote from “Getting To Happy: Learning To Read Emotional Messages

As you begin your day, decide you will pay attention to your feelings. They may present as negative, that is, uncomfortable, irritating, confusing. When they do, STOP. Be grateful for recognizing the irritation. Thank the irritating emotion for alerting you to change your course. Remove yourself from the situation. Breathe and look for a thought that feels better. Then you can rejoin your life once again.

Find the breadcrumbs of light, love and laughter

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel and the bread crumb trail. Look for signs of light, love and laughter in your day. These signs can bring you home to your happy self. Let yourself enjoy the moments as long as you can. Find your way to a fun, fun day!

Wouldn’t it be fun if ….? How would you like your day to go? Be light about your desire for a perfect day. Love the day you are in! Let laughter and deep breaths of joy envelop your day.

Happy Super Bowl!