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A Very Mellow Fellow

How beach living can be part of your life!

You probably have wished you could live right on the beach.  Haven’t we all?

We can watch the vacation and buy-a-house-on-the-beach videos.  Or we can take a piece of paper and lose ourselves in drawing our special, private beachfront fun land.

This is how I spent this afternoon.  I’ve been playing with a digital rendition of my dreamy beach place, and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my home!

I have been lost in a lovely interaction with my i-pen, i-pad and a little dreaming time. Three hours have passed and I didn’t even notice! I can hear the waves gently crash onto the sand, the breeze, and enjoy the colors. It’s a beautiful day to dream.

Fear not the quiet

What an extraordinary journey I am on these days. I am alone, yet I am with so many. I am poor, yet I am so rich. I am tired, yet I am filled with exciting ideas. I am old, yet I am filled with new life

These are my thoughts as I sit in the comfort of a warm room filled with good cheer. As you know I write each day now I am retired. It is a way to continue acts of creativity yet not gainfully. I say, yet, because I will see financial rewards. I may shake in my boots sometimes, but I can never give up.

I evidence the reflection of my confidence in yesterday’s experience.  I discovered my narrator for GETTING TO HAPPY, Learning to Read Emotional MessagesThe audio book project is in production as of today!  I feel like a nervous mother…. excited, proud,…. happiness bubbles forth from my core!

Sharing my creations is a proof of the concept. I say happiness is part of my being. I wonder where the insecurities come from? Why do I long to have others enjoy what I create? What is it that makes me want to join in like-mindedness? I accept this longing does not feel good.

So I heal myself by letting the creation go forth without expectations. To feel better, I must let go of wanting acceptance as success. I already am successful. I already am happy. I am already good. I am enough. I am.

Talking about your particular circumstance in a more pleasing way is definitely the way to connect with a happier way of living.

No uncomfortable feeling, no irritation, no disappointment can remain when I change my thinking about what I want. I choose happiness over being accepted. I choose love over being popular. I choose clarity over confusion within me. I choose love.

Similar positive thoughts can change any situation. I hope you will remember to upgrade your thoughts whenever you feel less than fine today. We can always improve our proximity to happiness.  It is the adventure of a lifetime! Just look within and ask it to come out and play! Happy Day!

Five Minutes in Quiet Bliss

Last days of Fall, Artist Barbara Dean Aliaga

Fall in the Pacific Northwest.  What will we do with this special time?  Will we stress over the man-made holiday season?  Run from the quiet? Or might we daily join nature for five minutes?

I wish to begin this five-minute quiet time exercise. It could develop into  many more minutes of pure enjoyment.  The Season has changed. The gardeners have stopped coming and won’t return until spring.  The branches are finally able to see without the obstruction of energetic leaves preparing for their last skydiving flight. The sun rises only a few miles over the horizon no matter what time of day. The birds are now few. Oh, yes, it is the quiet time of year.

‘During this time of chill and early darkness, I recommend we take five minutes a day to enjoy utter quiet.  Can we stay awake for five minutes while in the deep of nothingness?  We won’t know until we try.  And if we need sleep, it is a great opportunity to reset our emotional systems. The trees trunks and branches have bravely released their attachment for their leaves.  The bare trees stand quiet awaiting whatever is to come next.  What obstructions, no matter how appealing, can we leave behind to enjoy our quiet?

We have traveled to our happy spots often.  It may be our time to enjoy its core of silence.  Be sure to take advantage of the quiet. We can create fine days now and ahead!

Happy Living!