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Fear not the quiet

What an extraordinary journey I am on these days. I am alone, yet I am with so many. I am poor, yet I am so rich. I am tired, yet I am filled with exciting ideas. I am old, yet I am filled with new life

These are my thoughts as I sit in the comfort of a warm room filled with good cheer. As you know I write each day now I am retired. It is a way to continue acts of creativity yet not gainfully. I say, yet, because I will see financial rewards. I may shake in my boots sometimes, but I can never give up.

I evidence the reflection of my confidence in yesterday’s experience.  I discovered my narrator for GETTING TO HAPPY, Learning to Read Emotional MessagesThe audio book project is in production as of today!  I feel like a nervous mother…. excited, proud,…. happiness bubbles forth from my core!

Sharing my creations is a proof of the concept. I say happiness is part of my being. I wonder where the insecurities come from? Why do I long to have others enjoy what I create? What is it that makes me want to join in like-mindedness? I accept this longing does not feel good.

So I heal myself by letting the creation go forth without expectations. To feel better, I must let go of wanting acceptance as success. I already am successful. I already am happy. I am already good. I am enough. I am.

Talking about your particular circumstance in a more pleasing way is definitely the way to connect with a happier way of living.

No uncomfortable feeling, no irritation, no disappointment can remain when I change my thinking about what I want. I choose happiness over being accepted. I choose love over being popular. I choose clarity over confusion within me. I choose love.

Similar positive thoughts can change any situation. I hope you will remember to upgrade your thoughts whenever you feel less than fine today. We can always improve our proximity to happiness.  It is the adventure of a lifetime! Just look within and ask it to come out and play! Happy Day!