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Change the Direction of Your Thoughts

When you  become aware of your thoughts you can change them like a ship can navigate and change direction. You can ever so slightly turn one way or another until your thoughts produce the results you truly want, connection with your happiness.  You may notice that it is difficult at first.  Your thoughts may be like an unruly child.  Your thoughts may be accustomed to having its own way.  Tapes have been made and replayed for years!  It is not that easy to change direction without much love.

Yes, love.  Take your thoughts to a more joyful place by letting go of the tapes for one moment. Each time you are aware of thinking things that make you mad or sad, or thoughts that people don’t like you, gently take your thoughts to a new place.  Take your thoughts to things you do like!  Begin to name the wonderful things you know people like about you.  Feel the enjoyment that you are getting from these thoughts.

At first this exercise will seem perhaps silly and you may not feel like putting in the effort. You may not feel inclined to stray from the old familiar tapes that have played for years.  But ask yourself right now, do you want to remain away from the happiness that is within you?  Don’t you wonder why other people seem so consistently happy?  Ask them what they think about.

Experiment with your thoughts.  Just as you teach a child each day, train your thoughts in the direction you wish to go.  Make lists.  Write journals.  Listen to your thoughts and consistently, gently change them to a new direction, a direction you wish to take.

The more you become aware of your thoughts, the more you will realize how negative your world may be around you.  You will hear self-defeating conversations, defensive speeches, cleverly cloaked solutions to another’s motivation.  If left unattended, your thoughts will lead you to a deafening cacophony of defeat.  And, we wonder why we suffer!

 You can turn everything around by changing the direction of your thinking.  Start today!