A Bunny Story

I occasionally leave carrots on the backyard lawn and let the bunnies who are living the dream feast on them. Well, they aren’t as bold as my brother’s bunnies. His photo is the 2nd pic. What a sight! Wonderful!

I received a text from my brother. See below… Thanks for sharing John!

This little guy got caught in our veg garden pea protection net and got ushered back out to his siblings

I guess you could say we’re berry bunny people!

Published by Manny & Barbara Dean Aliaga

Manny and I spend our days as close to creative projects as possible. We inflate our views with as much positivity as we dare muster. We come up out of the clouds of adulthood and find joy. Manny is a great cook. He shines at being a brilliant listener, and loves to test, encourage and applaud the perceived success of others. Barbara is joyful creativity. She wakes up with hope and sets about showering her world with buds of ideas and ways of thinking.

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