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Napping in Key West |


Many years -too long ago to connect to time- Manny and I visited Key West. It was memorable. Manny’s younger brother went all out, rented a car big enough for us to comfortably drive from Miami, 3 hours through the Key Island to Key West, 90 miles from Cuba.

It was a magnificent day together with our brother and sister-in-law. It is one of those unforgettable events, one beautiful memory.

I recently took a photograph of a painting I created circa 2006-7 and reworked it on my iPad. The memories of eating outdoors at night at a distinguished Cuban restaurant came to mind, as did the numerous stunning art studios, Hemingway’s Key West homestead, beautiful sea, Margaritaville, and of course, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better know Manny’s brother and sister-in-law.

The memory exudes delightful comfort and radiates to this day. Hopefully this digital rendition, exudes the comfort.

Have a restful, comfortable Sunday, wherever you are situated! Best to you!

Published by Manny & Barbara Dean Aliaga

Manny and I spend our days as close to creative projects as possible. We inflate our views with as much positivity as we dare muster. We come up out of the clouds of adulthood and find joy. Manny is a great cook. He shines at being a brilliant listener, and loves to test, encourage and applaud the perceived success of others. Barbara is joyful creativity. She wakes up with hope and sets about showering her world with buds of ideas and ways of thinking.

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