Did you realize you live in space?

We live in space! We are space! Are you taking advantage of the adventure?

20XX Abstract Graphic Art Print

Celebrate the year you graduate, your birthday, an anniversary, a new career,. Thist graphic illustration explores community, nature, color, life. Celebrate the great abundance. Celebrate this special year with gratitude!

Happy Time with Augmented Reality AR

The walls and windows are really there. The artwork is from my iPad. With Aero I can put my digital artwork wherever I want. For example,

Woman and a Bird – Essentials for Living

What would you choose as essentials for Living? Here’s what I was thinking when I painted this Woman and a Bird. Essentials for Living According to Barbara Dean Aliaga Number One: Love and Loving: Without allowing love to flow through my being, I cannot say I am alive. Love is kind, Love flows from meContinue reading “Woman and a Bird – Essentials for Living”

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