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Who acts with wisdom?

Clarity of Wisdom

This holiday I would like the gift of wisdom. Of course, I have received this sense of fresh, solid goodness often over the years, but It’s needed in my life more so now.


  • Good sense
  • Prudence
  • Comprehension
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Discernment

Why is it needed at this time?

World news continues to expose dark times with startling examples, while omitting and/or balancing bright directive examples of current events.

There is a conflict inside of me. To flee, fight or surrender is a common human response.

I am here to enjoy life, not fight for my point of view. My upbringing often challenges this belief. My days can be missing the ease and clarity wisdom brings. The challenges of reaching excellence — the best that we can be — leaves me spent at the end of each day.

The gift of wisdom sustains the best of me. It brightens my day’s path. It creates meaning like sparkling soda.

Most important is the effect of wisdom, sound thinking. It allows love to flow out from my actions — my smile, my words, my ease and patience with those who do not have or do not know how to utilize the wisdom gift.

Wisdom is the helping gift to my better, more peaceful world. Anytime love is allowed to flow, I am transformed into a better human being. I share lighthearted rather than dogmatically defensive or offensive.

Yes, I would like more wisdom for Christmas!

Happy Holidays…..

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Commitment to Write: Day 9 February 2019

Act One of Pacific Northwest Snow 2019

How Snow in Washington Impacts My Life

I listen to the refrigerator running. Normally it’s ignored. No cars. No trucks. No buses passing on the road down below.

Nature has plopped mounds of snow on bushes and branches for as long as they can hold. I’m in a cartoon of snow land. No, an animated video with more dimension. This layer of snow helps me stop, look and listen. How gorgeous! I find myself in a philosophical state of mind.

This morning I awake and say hello to the happy invisible me who never sleeps. Again, I think about my commitment to write. This time I listen. My body moves about under the direction of an unseen intelligence supporting my intentions. If I am quiet I will be able to organize my thoughts with ease. A cup of coffee later I think more and more about the best kept secret of my life: my invisible self.

I am aware of this because I have no knowledge how to maintain the activities of physiology within my body. Yet it has been maintained for over 72 years! My invisible self presents as satisfied, content, and intent upon the critical business of maintenance so that I can move about my day with ease.

What a loyal friend is your heart! Consider your age. How many years has your heart been beating? I estimate over an average of a 66-year-lifespan the heart beats 2.5 billion times.
The heart beats and your lungs exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen, waste for nourishment, to nourish your blood supply whether you think about it. These systems are available free-of-charge throughout your lifetime.

a quote from Getting To Happy: Learn to Read Emotional Messages.

I go to the piano to play a song. I intend to stand up, walk over to the piano, sit down on the bench, place my hands on the keyboard and begin playing a melody I hear in my head. I consciously want to do this. But it is my unconscious self that makes all this possible. The amazing body orchestrates to accomplish this goal. Think about what it takes to stand up! Movement! Cooperation of all body parts! Amazing! That’s enough to keep me happy throughout the day. I appreciate this well-run physical organization of circulation, muscles, bones, chemistry balance, all if it! This unseen self exquisitely expresses my every wish!

Writing is becoming a means to organize and become aware of my thoughts. Snow has slowed down the world for me so that I can enjoy this process.

What motivates you to write? How does weather impact you? Perhaps these topics can inspire you to continue expressing your unique perspective! Go out and create something!

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Commitment to Write: Day 8 February 2019


Finding Thoughts Leading To Wellness!

I woke up at 3 a.m. today. Don’t worry, I went to bed early. It is supposed to snow again today, a big event in the Pacific Northwest lowlands. Fun times. But my thoughts focus on completing my commitment to writing before the day’s activities begin.

I stop to be thankful. But my thoughts are all over the place. This is the anniversary of my Mom’s death which is always bittersweet. We are not so far apart after all these years. I am at peace with her and continue to visit in new ways. I turn my thoughts to a video I watched last night, Heal, on Netflix. It definitely resonates with me. I noticed scenes from around Puget Sound, making me think I am happy to be among people who value personal growth. I feel comfortable in the Pacific Northwest. (The link is a unique perspective on the word comfort. I read it yesterday. Worth reading!). See I am all over the place!

My mind is racing like it needs to be in control, but you and I both know this is not valid. At this moment I am flittering around, delighted like a butterfly. I’m excited to be alive. Yet, I am unaware of an invisible reality taking place as I type. I can never be conscious of all that goes on there: my unconscious state! It’s taking exquisite control over my breathing, my blood pressure, my typing, my eyesight, my body temperature. How I think of the universe with its loving attention, is going on inside of me! I am part of the universe and am benefiting from all of its intelligence. With that thought comes peace. And with peace the universe within me can work without interference from me (the conscious me).

I wish to enjoy the ride of life rather than control or be fearful of what takes place unconsciously. I wish to be in balance with both realities. I wish to hold respect for both. No villains. Instead: co-creators, co-operators. As I type these words, I notice a peace in my breathing. Cells are feeling the release of stress and are happy to go about their business.

We talk about intelligence in outer space. Can we talk about intelligence in inner space? Our unconscious world demonstrates infinite intelligence. It can be trusted and enjoyed by our conscious mind. This realization is the foundation of my spirituality. I am here to enjoy through consciousness the miracle of unconsciousness. It is a wonderful mystery of physical with non-physical, visible with invisible.

I hope I have not lost you in my writing today. It’s now 5 a.m. I intend to live today with a sense of mystery and reverence for the micro world revealing itself throughout the day. I want to focus on the incredible job of circulation. Check out to review the physiology of circulation. There is a lot to appreciate in what is going on inside my body…amazing and endless realities that can keep me on the happy side of life.

In case you did not get the message from today:

Our thoughts can command a sense of well-being or ill-feeling. Our body responds to the messages we send through thoughts

When we send thoughts that are positive, creating feeling good emotions our bodies respond accordingly. Everything works well. When we send thoughts that are negative, creating feeling stressed emotions our bodies respond like there’s a war going on. This is where disease can take hold.

I welcome the day of beautiful snow, meditation, conversations with my husband, family and friends. This includes you! Thank you for taking time to read and allow inspiration into your life. There is much joy in sharing with you. Happy and Loving Day to you!

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