When I find myself alone:

Gather my crayons and color book!
I’m leaving home today.
My apple tree is awaiting.
Blossoms brushing my face.
Oh, it’s good to be here!

Celebrate Winter

Camano Island had snow on Christmas Evening and a few days after. It made for a magical family event. Our grandsons were elated at the idea of sledding down the slopes around our house. 2021 Christmas will be remembered joyfully this year! Nature came to our rescue and in its white, cold silence, our hearts were warmed!

Be the green guy!

Cooperative ecology — cooperating with nature. These sweatshirts have text we think sustainable. They are designed to remind us to be mindful of the gift of earth.

Notebooks for Historical 2020 Journaling

AT HOME ASSIGNMENT: Write in a notebook and describe your ordinary life, your emotional changes, your environment, your connection to nature, family, life….

Never Give Up

Never give up. You can do this.

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