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Courage To Be Kind

Courage to be KIND

We seem to be living in a world of stress, conflict, tantrums, pushiness and more tantrums. I sometimes brush up against unpleasant actions when I have left the world of consciousness and unaware of my judgmental and negative thinking.

Still, there is my physical being-ness and my non-physical being-ness.  Both aspects of me continually create with or without my acknowledgement. I can participate whenever I am conscious. It is a mysterious adventure for me.  I am  beyond imagination in possibilities and yet held to the earth by gravity.  In the quiet of my life I remember to listen and respond to both.  When I do, i feel I am content.

It is in this way I have the ability to be kind.  Kindness lives with happiness and love.  It is magical, strong, compassionate and curious without judgment.

On this cold December day, here are paths to kindness:

  • Look within yourself for kindness.   Know you are more than body, and within this knowledge you are able to be kind to yourself.  Be your best friend.  Respect yourself and you will respect others.  Be kind to yourself and you will naturally be kind to others.  Be kind to yourself and you will brush off acts of unkindness like dust off a table. 
  • Courage to be kind means letting go of what is interpreted as unkind acts towards you. You can interpret the actions of someone cutting in front of you as unkind.  They may be totally enveloped in a private struggle and not even be aware of cutting in.  Courage to be kind remembers to be thankful for the support you have from your best friend, you, and merrily go on to the next activity without giving it a thought. You may even offer a sincere smile of good-will and let it go.
  • Be kind to those who are unkind.  They do not know what they are doing.  They are unconscious.  Stay with the next present moment and move on to the happy life you have.  It takes courage to let go.  It is the only way to build a happy lifestyle.

Our lives will consist of important moments when our physical self takes note of our non-physical self.  These are the best moments of our life and can take place any time, any place, with or without others.  On this cold day, bring the warmth of unity within yourself.  Take time to be kind.

Best to you, Barbara

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Appreciation Game For Sleepless Nights

Once you awaken during the night, it may be tricky getting back to sleep!  Appreciation games can keep your mind occupied away from negative worry and needless concerns.  You can make positive impressions while slipping back into a comfortable snooze!

I tried this game last night.  It was a gale-warning night outside. The banging of a summer umbrella left open woke us up.  Here’s how I played:  With each letter of the alphabet, name a feeling word of gratitude.  You know what they say, gratitude is the healthiest of emotions!  Matching appreciative feelings to a letter may take a lot of time and you may fall asleep right away.  If you wake up again, pick up where you left off.  It will look something like this:

  • A – apple  The delicious APPLE pie I ate last night.
  • B – backyard.  I love the little yard on the side of my house.  It’s like a safe cloister.
  • C-can’t think of anything… nodding off to sleep!
  • C – couches.  I love to work from one of my couches and look at the scenery.
  • D–door.  I love my new front door.  It’s so welcoming!
  • E–envelopes. They are handy, aren’t they? I appreciate having them around.
  • F-family. I seem to appreciate family more and more lately.
  • G-giraffe. What interesting animals. So graceful!

You get the point.  Have fun. Use your awake time to explore just how many aspects of your life you feel gratefulness. Appreciate your surroundings, people in your life, things you like to eat, places you like to go.  Head toward appreciation and for a moment, let go of your concerns.

You can play this game during your five-minute time-out.  Notice emotions of irritation, anger, disappointment, worry, even sluggishness? Then stop.  It’s time to look for things that make you feel better.  What better way to do this than plan the Appreciation Alphabet Game.  You can get back to your happy lifestyle in no time.

Happy days take happy thoughts!

Best to you, Barbara

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