Mindful Morning Mugs

Want to find a new cup to lift your spirits? Or, maybe you want to mark a special someone’s birthday, so you can keep in touch from miles away. I use the one below. Its color and carefree painting makes me feel all smiling inside.

Best Kept Secret — How I See The World

This is how I see the world, currently.

Is the art on your walls inspiring you?

Keep your wall art fresh! When is the last time you changed any or all pieces? It is always a good choice to take small breaks throughout the day. Meaningful wall decor, helps to creates a reminder strategy. Here’s 3 suggestions to spark your positive energy.

Cute Supportive Dogs, Personalize Text, Get Well Card

Cute, supportive dog pack, get-well card.

Poppies and Great Expression of Love

There’s love in the red poppies we see. Flowers delight our insides. I’m going to paint more of them. It keeps me happy too.

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