Is the art on your walls inspiring you?

Keep your wall art fresh! When is the last time you changed any or all pieces? It is always a good choice to take small breaks throughout the day. Meaningful wall decor, helps to creates a reminder strategy. Here’s 3 suggestions to spark your positive energy.

  • Change your wall decor at planned, regular intervals. (Perhaps every season / every 3 months.)
    • To begin, choose one room. A hallway or entrance way, where there’s more traffic, is a good place to start.
  • Take everything down from your chosen wall section.
  • Place meaningful art on your walls. As you change, discover what inspires you now…. not what inspired you two years ago and has long run it’s course.
    • Sometimes placing a piece of wall art to a different area or even a new room, helps you to take notice and uplift your spirit.
  • Hold a piece of new art and see if it brings inspiration or negative memories. If it does not inspire you, it’s time to give it away!

What did you wish I added to this list of suggestions? Where do you get your art pieces?

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