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When I find myself alone:

Gather my crayons and color book!

Gather my crayons and color book!
I'm leaving home today.
My apple tree is full of blossoms
Softly bewitching my sight,
Oh, it's good to have such a delight!

I'm leaving home today.
To visit my favorite tree.
The tree is growing just like me,
Its bark is bursting at the seams.
Oh, it's good to sit with these daydreams!

There’s sap oozing escaping its seams.

What's this? A tiny, green worm,
inching its way to my book
I see it has set its course
on the flower near the babbling brook!
Oh, it's good to have such a good look!

Oh, what a special place I’ve found.

My color book is on my lap.
Crayons hanging in a bag.
My feet against the tree trunks,
My back eased.
Oh, it's good to be so pleased!

My worm leaves, a pattern of holes

I've run away from home
To the birds, butterflies, worms.
They know where I am and find interest in me.
A butterfly is not too busy to land and say hi.
Oh, it's good to be gentle and shy!

As I begin to color, I add some shadings
And then I add kitties and doodles of joy.
I draw my family sitting with me in the tree.
We hang out and laugh, and sing, we are free!
Oh, it's good to leave home today!

…. and I’m glad to return home, I might say!
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Mindful Morning Mugs

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Birthday Morning Mug
Birthday Morning Mug

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