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Never Give Up — Life keeps changing!

…and most commonly it changes for the better throughout the day. Breathe. Take a moment to remember things will be better momentarily. Breathe again. All of life is dynamic so keep on trying. Get a glass of water and consider how lucky it is to have it tapped into your house!

Life keeps changing. You are alive, so you’re going to be changing too! …sometimes you stumble, but always things improve as you figure out what you want and what you want to leave behind..

The important thing is “Never give up!”and cut off the opportunity to live life fully! Enjoy today!

Never Give Up!

Turn up your volume and listen to Never Give Up — makes a nice 1+-minute meditation

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Never Give Up: Secret to Success

  • Stay with your dream.
  • Keep learning how to make refinements.
  • Keep growing and enjoying your dream.
  • Let yourself grow and change.
  • Keep true to your dream that makes you most happy.
  • The answer is there even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there
  • …. create
  • …. remain open.
  • …and love what you do!
Secret to Success: Never Give Up!
Secret to Success: Never Give Up!

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AT HOME ASSIGNMENT: Write in a notebook and describe your ordinary life, your emotional changes, your environment, your connection to nature, family, life.

How do you spend your day? What interests do you hold while you are at home? When do you feel the lowest? When do you feel fine? What have you learned about yourself during thee times?

Be sure to date each entry so you can look back with some clarity. When you don’t feel like writing, sketch your reactions to the day, doodle. Try to enter something each day until you have filled the notebook.

To help you, we’ve designed Labradoodle covers for your notebooks to keep you inspired, happy, upbeat and heading in the direction that is most helpful to you. You can even design your own cover, using a personalized template. Enjoy your life now. It is the only one you have. Be kind. Have fun. Stay happy!

Notebooks for Historical 2020 Journaling