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Each of us can do our part to get rid of semi-automatic assault guns


This is my contribution.  I am writing to those who, like me,  are not particularly inclined to speak up politically to deaf ears.

I am proposing very elementary first steps in bringing a change to the presence of semi-automatic assault rifles.  Perhaps they have already been addressed.  But they are important enough to me to chance repetition.

Arguments with the NRA or the current government electorate appears to be ineffectual.  I live a peaceful life.  But even I feel I must try to do something about people being shot randomly while going about their peaceful and productive lives.

It now is perfectly clear to me that what is referred to as assault rifles are designed to kill people in large numbers.  Peaceful people don’t really think about guns, especially rapid firing guns.  Perhaps we can remain peaceful, and yet create a non-governmental solution to the challenge of non-peaceful people taking our lives prematurely.

ACTIONS WE CAN TAKE, without even leaving our homes:

  1. Retailers:  Discontinue selling semi-automatic assault rifles and any other guns that can produce rapid fire on groups of people.  Do this today.
  2. Consumers:  Discontinue to shop in stores where these assault rifles are sold, including gun shows, to encourage the elimination of this inventory. Do this today.
    1. Use social media.  Visit these stores’ pages and continue to comment your encouragement to discontinue selling assault rifles and empty your inventory responsibly.
    2. Become familiar with gun show conventions.  A simple google search will uncover a world that most of us are unfamiliar with.  Encourage the dis-allowing of assault weapons inventory at conventions.
  3. Manufacturers:  If you must make assault rifles for armed forces, stop making financial  gains by selling to the public for sport.  Keep assault rifles out of the hands of civilians and peace officers.
    1. Use social medial.  Visit these manufacturers on-line and continue to encourage manufacturers to open their minds to the well-being of ordinary people.
  4. People who already own these assault weapons:  please oversee the destruction of these weapons.  These are not sport weapons.  The risk of owning these assault weapons (getting into the wrong hands for mass murder) far exceed the benefits of having fun. 
  5. Everything is possible in love. As you write and talk with people, stay within the power of love.

I realize that fear is a self-created emotion that causes some to defend illusionary enemies.  Until we can get rid of this fear, let us take defensive assault weapons out of the equation. Let us do this first in the market place. I hope these comments are helpful.  Please do what inspires you to bring about a more peaceful world within you.