There is nothing better than to create!


The Joy Of Moving On A Dream

Creating out of nothing is as close to the concept of God as anyone can get!  Sure we need to support ourselves financially.  But wake up!  Look at your age and know if you are fortunate enough to be reading this blog in the comfort of your home , beautiful sunshine or warm office, you have been supported by something more than downtrodden, hard work!

When you are awake enough to let go of worry, doubt and what you think others will think of you, life becomes a quiet satisfying experience.  Listen to what I have to say.

Every day, I wake up and say, hello,  to the world I am in and anyone I am lucky enough to be with.  I don’t always remain in that beautiful spirit, but I always begin with the peace of a newborn day!  I very much try not to think in terms of worry and concern, but rather anticipation and confidence.  I definitely don’t read the news!

I don’t know how I will create on this day, and in the non-knowing, the unknowing, I am cushioned in peace.  I do not know what words are going to fill this page even now.  But I am open to the ideas that will come to me.  I enjoy the flow of words that are coming to me. The words delight me as much as they delight you.  It is a dance with my best self and your best self.  It is pure joy.

This month I retired from a 29-year stint with a company I was passionate about.  I treated it as my own company and urged employees to do the same.  I still have a few twinges of wanting to hold on, but mostly I am gracefully letting go.  And, in the letting go, I am creating — yes, creating — a beautiful new company, called A Wise Solution.

A Wise Solution will have a presence on the internet in May, a week away!  In the last months, it has evolved into a writer and communication consultant company.  I have divided my focus into three areas:  Business Owners and Managers, Potential Business Owners, and Job Seekers.  The evolution has been a delightful experience. There is an amazing about of creativity going on to lay a strong foundation.  One-step-at-a-time has been an important part of my peace. I have learned so much in such a short time.

Here are five lessons I have learned

  1. I have the potential to choose joy over despair!  It is up to me!
  2. All doors open to me! — when I allow myself to see them.
  3. Confidence can always get through when doubt is silenced.
  4. Believing is essential to finding myself
  5. Love is who I am

I hope these lessons help you navigate through your day.  I used to tell my staff to expect presents throughout the workday.  The presents were not coming from me, but from the life experiences of the day.  They were hidden.  Their job was to discover the hidden presents that would be present when talking to co-workers and patients.  I would sometimes stop a staff member at the end of the day and ask if they found their presents!  Pretty silly boss, I suppose, but it was amazing the events they recounted.  It made for happy days of employment.  We choose how imprisoned in worry, conflict and sadness we would be each day.  We can choose how free we can be also.  It really is how we look at things.  Great luck finding the brighter side of your life!













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