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Explore Gifts of Love

A good day by choice

Experience a more pleasant life with awareness of feelings unfolding with each experience during your day!

Emotions can become guides to a happier life …. when we are able to recognize the message. For example, I can wake up and enjoy the feeling of my pillow or warmth of my surroundings. I can choose to linger a bit and be grateful. I like to think of it as moseying into the new day! I start my day by creating it. What makes me feel better at this particular moment?

I am aware I can create the world around me. So I take time in the morning to see myself happy to work on my life choices. I know I can be anything, do anything, have anything. I am open to this belief. I choose calmer, more confident thoughts …whatever will comfort and inspire me at the moment.

How you think about things can turn the situation around.

Let go of thoughts that hold you uncomfortable with yourself. Take time to become conscious of feelings that make you feel guilty, unwell, ashamed.

Take time to become conscious of feelings that make you feel joyful, hopeful, creative, helpful, confident.

The more you become conscious of these contrasting emotions, the faster you can choose thoughts to encourage the feelings you wish to have.


Manny and I spend our days as close to creative projects as possible. We inflate our views with as much positivity as we dare muster. We come up out of the clouds of adulthood and find joy. Manny is a great cook. He shines at being a brilliant listener, and loves to test, encourage and applaud the perceived success of others. Barbara is joyful creativity. She wakes up with hope and sets about showering her world with buds of ideas and ways of thinking.

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  1. Dear Manny & Barbara Dean Aliaga,

    Thank you for exploring “Gifts of Love”. What else can I say but to resonate with the tenet, message and spirit of your excellent post here with my wishing and bringing you “TRUE LOVE” as follows:

    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully productive month doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most! Take care and prosper!

    Yours sincerely,

      1. Dear Manny & Barbara Dean Aliaga (Abu and Nana),

        Thank you for your compliment. I am not sure at all as to whether you have visited any of my posts and pages, because so far you have yet to like any of my posts and pages (with the “Like” button) and/or submit comment(s) there as a token of your visit.

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        May you find 2022 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your travelling, writing, reading, thinking and blogging whatever topics that appeal to your intellectual exploration, artistic output and creative flair!

        Yours sincerely,

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