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Getting Ready For Fall….just the beginning!

Happy Halloween Readiness! Happy Dark, Cold Days of Autumn! #zazzle #halloween #Fall. Click to see, personalize and buy…


Bloggers, this one’s for you!

Hi, everyone! These T-shirt are designed for you! The great thing about #zazzle, these shirts can be customized, personalized and written from your particular viewpoint! Each design is ready to go. They can also be easily changed. I hope you enjoy the idea and have time to see what you think.

By the way, each of the above shirts come in men, women, girls, boys, toddlers and baby shirts. Hope you. find something that delights you!


Our Favorite Dog Portraits

We look to the eyes of our dog portraits. When they emote a reaction, we love them, when they don’t, we work on them some more. Hey are the ones we like the best so far.

What is your favorite breed of dog?


Simple Golden Retriever Love

Golden Retrievers are a big part of calming anxiety. Which is your favorite item? #goldenRetriever, #zazzle, #facemasks Click the arrow at the bottom (when the gif isn’t animating) to see, personalize and buy…


Love of Nature Collection!

What’s your favorite?


Thought for tonight


Whether remote or physical, back-to-school notebooks and more.


Think of a mask as part of your wardrobe!

There’s never been a better time to be kind!

You may not have noticed, but protective face masks have been sitting in the corner of doctors’ offices over the last few decades. It was a federal government guideline required as a Medicare Provider.

Patients were directed to use the available masks when they had symptoms of a cold or flu. Patients wore face masks in the office as a courtesy to staff and other patients.

In the days before the Coronavirus became a pandemic, masks were a quiet way of life for a few sick people who thought of others over the embarrassment of standing out.

Fast forward to the present day, when tens of thousands of COVID19 cases are reported daily in the US, we witness people who still continue to ignore the courtesy of protection for others.

When cold and flu season required a few to wear masks in the past, masks were worn without drama. When flu was particularly dense in our city population, it was common to see people wear masks. It was a courtesy. It was an act of kindness to others.

Today, kindness is taking the backseat. We can still see people, old and young, with big smiles on their faces, walking into stores, getting gas, walking up to your door. We hear people say they don’t believe COVID19 is a real thing. We hear the same amount of people died last year and this year, We hear this thing will pass away on its own. We hear there are only a lot of cases of COVID19 because we are testing too much. We hear this is nothing but the flu.

All these statements appear to defend against wearing a protective mask.

We are made to think that we mask-wearers are all sheep and will soon be led to slaughter. It is certainly a peculiar time of defying common sense.

At the same time we hear that there are recommended medicines, drugs and cleaning products that can treat & prevent COVID19. It is indeed a peculiar time.

The question is, have we lost our way? Have we become sideline experts, speaking as if we were authorities, yet not accountable for the outcome?

If we are ever to get out of this nightmare, we need to keep things simple. We need to agree to disagree and act in the sanest way we can. This is a pandemic. This virus is hitting all continents of the world. It holds the power to bring us all together or tear us all apart.

This is our choice. The first pandemic in one hundred years! It is not a time to discuss with little action, to argue, to compete with the best way of doing things, to refuse to cooperate. It is time to relocate our better selves. It is time to learn what matters, what has always been steady in our lives so far.

It is time to be kind.

— Barbara Aliaga


Newly Designed Masks by AbuNana

Zazzle describes these new masks: With two layers of fabric protection, the front of the cloth face mask is 100% polyester fabric that allows for full edge-to-edge, vibrant printing, while the back of the mask will cradle your nose and mouth with a soft and breathable 96% cotton and 4% Spandex blend fabric.

Earloop strap size comes in 6.5, 6.75, 7.00 and 7.25. Look for product info on each design. There are templates so that you can easily personalize text, if you wish.

See AbuNana.com Collection

of 150+ Awesome Mask Designs.

Thank you for your support!


Most Popular Puzzles on AbuNana.com

What can we do as a family?
What can we do as a family?

What can we do as a family?

Put pieces of a puzzle on the dining room table or the front room coffee table, and watch the family gather around the fun of putting a puzzle together. Even the meekest want to place a couple of pieces. Once family members begin to participate, a new path is created for all to feel safe and a part of something bigger than themselves.

Peace begins at home. Community begins at home. Love begins at home. Strengthen the happiness of the world, by strengthening the family.

Whether using puzzles, playing games, creating a celebration at meal time, bring peace back into your home.

Here are some of the happy puzzles on AbuNana.com


Love One Another


What do we celebrate on Independence Day?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

When we go out to celebrate summer fun on the Fourth of July, what are we celebrating? We have a few weeks to make this Independence Day meaningful.

We’ve gone through monumental challenges. Hundreds of thousands of people have bravely shown us the distance we are from these self-evident truths.

I understand these truths to be:

  • All men, all women, all boys, all girls are created equal,
  • Deserving of equal opportunities to stay ALIVE
  • Deserving of equal FREEDOM, equal rights to move about the earth.
  • Deserving of equal opportunities to live in HAPPINESS

The Preamble alludes to other unalienable Rights. What do you consider these other rights to be? This is the time to make the change within ourselves so change can take place.

What rights are you willing to give others?

What rights do you feel you do not have when you step out the door?

Let’s just start there.

Happiness lives within us. Love lives within us. These truths are self-evident. Are they thriving? Or are they dormant? It is time to take individual check-ups.


The Power of Sending Greeting Cards

It’s so easy to write a note on Facebook or email a little card for friend’s birthday. It really makes someone’s day, too. But there is a way to offer greetings to last through the month, and sometimes longer.

It’s a greeting card delivered through the mail. Zazzle.com has thousands of choices with which to choose. We’ve contributed numerous designs too! Some of them are here. There are giant cards, big cards, standard greeting cards and smaller thank you cards. Let’s bring back kindness into other people’s life. For the cost of a stamp, and a latte, we can make a special occasion for family, friends and neighbors. We can flood with love, and this is what the world needs right now.


You Fly In and Out Of My Thoughts

You fly in and out of my thoughts.

These difficult times will pass. Talk to anyone who lived through the 60s and 70s. Change will come and new challenges will present themselves as we continue to grow in wisdom and leave old ways of thinking. Try to hold on to the what you know is good, what is hopeful. Try to support the good in others.

During June, try to increase your acts of kindness. Reach out to tip the scales toward love!


New Summer Face Masks


Decorative Protective Face Shields Are Here!


Hope, Believe, Love, Be Kind Together

Also we are working on Face Shield designs. Seems a bit less restrictive and personable way of protection.


Saturday night: Rocking to Classic Rock

Don’t wait for happy days to come! They are here somewhere. Begin to act like they are here and they will come! Really. Remember: build it and it will come. Do something that makes you live the kind of life you wish we all had now. Believe, hope, love.


Mama Llama Uplifters

Can’t resist the cuteness of llamas. Here are the most adorable pieces we could bring to you today! Have fun today … start by pretending to have fun and you just may have a great day!


Be the green guy!

Respect the earth.

Cooperative Ecology

Cooperative ecology — cooperating with nature. These sweatshirts have text we think sustainable. They are designed to remind us to be mindful of the gift of earth.

When purchasing these shirts, new ideas may come to you. The text can be changed with our handy personalize template (Look for “personalize” and see how easy it is). Collaboration is how we grow. Chat with us or send us messages on our storefronts #Zazzle to let us know ways you experience and cooperate with life on earth. Our main store is AbuNana.

Click on the Collection pictures above or any of the photos below. Today we were able to bring about 30 plus designs and descriptions. We would like to hear from you how you think about sustaining our beautiful earth.

It is never too early for grandchildren, children — well, all of us to think about cooperating with the earth as we live our day. The earth will show us marvelous things if we allow it. … meaning, if we are receptive. We hope this style helps our focus on believing, hoping and loving.


Notebooks for Historical 2020 Journaling

AT HOME ASSIGNMENT: Write in a notebook and describe your ordinary life, your emotional changes, your environment, your connection to nature, family, life.

How do you spend your day? What interests do you hold while you are at home? When do you feel the lowest? When do you feel fine? What have you learned about yourself during thee times?

Be sure to date each entry so you can look back with some clarity. When you don’t feel like writing, sketch your reactions to the day, doodle. Try to enter something each day until you have filled the notebook.

To help you, we’ve designed Labradoodle covers for your notebooks to keep you inspired, happy, upbeat and heading in the direction that is most helpful to you. You can even design your own cover, using a personalized template. Enjoy your life now. It is the only one you have. Be kind. Have fun. Stay happy!


Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Need something soft? Something to hug and hold on to? Here are some new designs sure to raise your spirits. #Zazzle.com


Good things are coming!

Every day you are presented with amazing, enjoyable opportunities. You can choose what you want to enjoy and what you want to pass up. Just like a smorgasbord!

Good things are always coming. Sometimes the good things are so quiet you miss them completely. Sometimes they are so loud, you can ignore them.

Last week I went into our side private garden. I was amused by a robin who was under a bush yet looking directly at me, squawking. I looked down at my garden and tried to let the bird have its space. I decided I better go back in the house. But as I looked back at the bird, I saw 3 deer just beyond the fence on the hill. They too were looking at me but didn’t run away. It was pretty magical for me.

The next day I went out to the yard and a robin flew off from the corner of the porch. I was curious what the bird was doing in the corner of the ledge of the porch.

It was a nest. I quickly went back in the house. The robin went back to the nest and settled in. This was pretty special to me!

I realized there were eggs and I realized not only was their a female robin, there was a doting male robin. It is clear to me good things are coming!

It got me to thinking how lucky I am to have numerous experiences to choose from. I believe this is true for everyone. And now that we know what we don’t want: coronavirus, we can choose what we do want. I’ll have a conversation more about this in upcoming days.

For now I’m going to play with the opportunities I am given today, as I physically distant myself (since March 11th) ! Best to you wherever you are.

Can you see our new friend, Rocking Red Robin?


Face Masks With Positivity

We continue to provide new designs in hope that you will find something that brings your spirits up. We encourage you to listen to the beautiful source within you. Never give up! Let yourself sing softly, smile confidently, love with a peaceful heart. Enjoy our collection of mask designs.

Barbara and Manny

Thank You Dogs Black Cotton Face Mask

All mask designs are approved by Zazzle reviewers. We are awaiting 10+ more approvals shortly and will add them to this blog. Thank you for your patience. Be safe. Be well. Be thankful.


Believe, Hope, Laugh, Love!


The Art of Living

What is the art of painting, the art of writing, the art of life? What makes a painting art? There seems to be an underlying current that sparks something within my heart.

I am finding I can enjoy my time at home. I try to focus on doing whatever sparks something wonderful within me.

Yes, it can be drawing, painting, writing. But it can also be the way I fold the laundry and wash the dishes. I can hum songs as I complete chores and my heart is touched.

By embracing the changes this pandemic has brought to our door, we can survive. We can thrive!

It is possible to find your happy zone by keeping your spirits positive. It could be fun to put out a puzzle. Perhaps you have some stored away in the garage. The act of getting the pieces to fit into a picture is an art form. It has the power to take your mind away from worry and concern and gloom. Life will always be what we make of it. No excuses. It’s up to us!


Cutest Face Mask Covers Here

Face mask covers have been both a challenge and an opportunity for this high risk, older couple to make a contribution. What gets us up in the morning are thoughts of our family, especially our grandchildren, our friends and neighbors. We can visit over FaceTime or play remotely on PS4 games. Now we spend the major part of the day painting on our iPads or on canvas, able to offer them to the world. We love this connection with you. So, thank you!

Click on any of the items below to see $ and more info …


Hot New Design Says: Brighten Up!

As my mother often reminded me: It never hurt anyone’s eyesight by seeing things on the brighter side of life.

Today is Earth Day. Celebrate living on this beautiful earth. Enjoy!


Latest Doggie Fashion

Stay well. Be kind. Have fun.


Newly Designed Cloth Face Masks

It is easy to become discouraged or worse. With just a smidge of consistent lighter choices, we can make this global experience happy for ourselves and for others.

The designs we work on daily keep us in the sane, happy zone. Each of us are asked to play our roles in the best way possible. Hopefully these moments of sharing with the world help boost your confidence in the beautiful person you will always be — no matter what the circumstances.

Peace and love,

Manny and Barbara


Never Give Up


Affordable Designer Cloth Face Masks

Looks like face masks may become a more familiar accessory. We hope our designs can bring some whimsy to a difficult time. Take a look.

Please share this with your family, friends and neighbors. Thank you!


Let’s Share Our Fun Spirit

Our situation is what it is happening right now.

Stop and look at it.

Then realize we are not a situation.

We are us.

This is me!

I am a fun person


Be Prepared: Iconic Saint Bernard


English Bulldog


Saint Bernard Puppy: Let’s Have Fun Today.


Take One Breath At A Time


A Very Mellow Fellow


We can do this!

Never Give Up. We can do this

There is no doubt, our entire world is experiencing an historic event. We are sheltered into isolation and we hear mixed messages until we become shaken.

Manny’s Favorite Subjects for Painting

Don’t give up. When you feel anxious, take a nap. Listen to music. Paint a picture. Call a friend. Refresh yourself. Remember you have rebounded before and this new experience will be no different. We will get through this! Listen to the news that serves you and leave news that does not serve you behind.

Stay busy. Do chores you particularly enjoy. Make cookies. Perhaps washing the dishes instead of using the dishwasher will become your favorite gift to yourself.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Let fear fall away. Replace fear with love. All you need is love. Be strong beautiful people! We will get through this together.

Remember, never give up. You, no we, can do this. We are not alone.



In case you need a reminder ….

Never Give Up!


Don’t feel like smiling?

Wear this smile on your shirt! You will soon see people smiling back at you! it’s an affordable way to raise people’s spirits from 6 feet away!


Spring Into A New You!

Time to Renew, Refresh, Reacquaint!