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Woman and a Bird – Essentials for Living

A Woman & A Bird
A Woman & A Bird
Apron for Fun

What would you choose as essentials for Living?

Here’s what I was thinking when I painted this Woman and a Bird.

Essential fun!

Essentials for Living

According to Barbara Dean Aliaga

Number One:

  1. Love and Loving: Without allowing love to flow through my being, I cannot say I am alive. Love is kind, Love flows from me into others. I’m in love with love, and convinced love is in-love with me.
    1. When I am cranky, lost, off, I am longing to return to a loving state …. kind, easily flowing, thinking kindly of others …. in love with love ….confident love is in-love with me.
    2. I don’t need anyone for me to thrive within the energy of love, but it is fun, it feels good, to be around others who love to be around me and I them.
All-purpose Notebook

Number Two

  1. A sense of wonder, a sense of magic. I like to think of it as endless possibilities.
    1. To me, without possibilities we are sunk and most times depressed. With possibilities we are hopeful and seldom give up!

Of course, I bet you said food, water, air, sleep, sunshine, friends, jobs, money, houses, cars, clothing … boy, that’s a lot and actually, we think we need a lot more.


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Five Minutes in Quiet Bliss

Last days of Fall, Artist Barbara Dean Aliaga

Fall in the Pacific Northwest.  What will we do with this special time?  Will we stress over the man-made holiday season?  Run from the quiet? Or might we daily join nature for five minutes?

I wish to begin this five-minute quiet time exercise. It could develop into  many more minutes of pure enjoyment.  The Season has changed. The gardeners have stopped coming and won’t return until spring.  The branches are finally able to see without the obstruction of energetic leaves preparing for their last skydiving flight. The sun rises only a few miles over the horizon no matter what time of day. The birds are now few. Oh, yes, it is the quiet time of year.

‘During this time of chill and early darkness, I recommend we take five minutes a day to enjoy utter quiet.  Can we stay awake for five minutes while in the deep of nothingness?  We won’t know until we try.  And if we need sleep, it is a great opportunity to reset our emotional systems. The trees trunks and branches have bravely released their attachment for their leaves.  The bare trees stand quiet awaiting whatever is to come next.  What obstructions, no matter how appealing, can we leave behind to enjoy our quiet?

We have traveled to our happy spots often.  It may be our time to enjoy its core of silence.  Be sure to take advantage of the quiet. We can create fine days now and ahead!

Happy Living!