L O V E, A Challenge To Confusion

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Love one another. Affirmation t-shirt. AbuNana.com

What stands in the way of love? Answer this question and you will have successfully challenged your confusion .

What stands in the way of love? Fear is my answer. Fear stands in the way of love when I refuse to see why it shows up in the first place. Fear blocks out the warm, content, good-feeling rays of love. When fear rattles my cage, I don’t like it. Yet, I feel confused about it and unaware how to change the feeling.

Fears are like clouds. Fears come from me as some sort of caution sign. Fears hold my attention. If I ignore feelings of fear, they make me feel uncomfortable, like I’m thrown around by the waves you see in the above picture.

I sometimes compare these gray-feeling moments to having the flu. If I take better care of myself the fears subside. I seem to be unsure of tools of fear prevention, but I know I’m on the right track when I stop whatever I’m doing or thinking.

What might be these lessons? I know my lessons have to do with awareness of my dis-alignment with my best-better-fair-not so fair-self. An example, I want to call an old friend, but I am fearful so don’t call and begin to feel bad about loosing friends over the years. A simple call would challenge this fear. Once I tend to my fear, it dissipates. I return to alignment and am at peace. Because I have lived many moments of peace I know it’s possible to be at peace from within.

There are moments I experience beautiful unity with the best, most loving of myself. In these moments, all of me are in gorgeous harmony. I sense no longer am I at odds with myself, but one happy character.

Whenever i stop and explore and tend to my fears, I no longer am conscious of conflicting feelings. I am aware the waters have calmed and all is well.

I wonder if these words are clear enough. Are you reading this, aware of the fluctuation between feelings of love and fear? For me, it is a continual and deeply important internal conversation.

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