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Even in crazy times

One thing you can count on: you will be challenged each day of your life.

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How you perceive a situation determines your ability to successfully handle a challenging event. And, how you perceive depends on your past experiences and how your brain has reacted in the past. In other words, how your brain has categorized your past experiences, influences how you will respond to similar challenges.

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You may have heard the saying, Don’t cry over spilt milk. What does it mean? Perhaps this: the milk has already spilt. Clean it up and let go of past feelings of parental disapproval. That’s the purpose of the milk spilling challenge! You can easily meet the challenge by letting go of past misinformation. You are given an opportunity to change, to free up your daily life.

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What about a bigger challenge. What about a bill in the mail. How do you react? Do you suddenly feel fearful? Maybe you can’t pay it right away? Maybe you’ll forget to pay it? Maybe you wish there was an easier way to live from week to week. What if you don’t want to cry over monthly bills?

Pause. Remember the times you were young and unsure of how to budget your life, let alone your lack of wealth. Take a moment to reflect the amazing lessons of bringing needed money in and allotting money to be spent in ways that keep you away from worry.

Whenever a challenge is particularly loud with worry, you know it is important to find out what you dread about this event. Jot down words that resemble fear.

Love is an emotion that can dispel old, unfavorable, fearful emotions. We

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Best of feelings – Joy!

Best of Feelings - Joy, designed by
Best of Feelings – Joy, designed by

Can you remember a time you were filled with joy.

Was it when you were listening to a favorite song? When you were with a favorite person? When you were alone in your garden?

Can you unpack your experience of joy to remember what was taking place?

For me, I have a spiritual, non-physical experience of inner expansion. I feel comfortable, satisfied, thankful. It’s who I am. It is like I am at peace body and soul.

It doesn’t have to be a great big old happy feeling. It can be a simmering good feeling of peace, of being a part of all that is, with no exclusivity. It is worth trying to find joy.

When you walk away from the joy that is an innate part of you, you feel off, feel dissatisfied, restless. I have thought these uncomfortable feelings are like a little dragon nudging me away from what I was doing, thinking, saying.

Baby Shower begins with JOY! #ZazzleMade
Baby Shower begins with JOY! #ZazzleMade

I have thought these anxious feelings are asking me to turn away and pause my life a bit …. Give myself a chance to locate and enjoy JOY.

Hope these brief words inspire you to look within and find your heaven. I have created a design to acknowledge the joy always available to you! I hope you enJOY!

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Did you realize you live in space?

We keep talking about outer space. It may sound like a silly question, but: How mindful are we of earth as apart of this “outer space”. We live as part of the universe. as we know it, and as we aren’t yet to know it. Do you think we can let go of all the stuff that covers our most excellent adventure? Can we let go of things preventing us from experiencing a beautiful life on Earth?

We are living on an amazing planet! We are living now within a most miraculous display of nature. Today, roses will blossom, really become something they weren’t yesterday. You will change too!

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We can do anything! We can have the adventure of a lifetime right where we are….. because we ARE in space! Live today like you realize this free reality! Let go of what you look like, what little challenge you are facing. Embrace the space you are in!

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L O V E, A Challenge To Confusion

Love one another.  Affirmation t-shirt.
Love one another. Affirmation t-shirt.

What stands in the way of love? Answer this question and you will have successfully challenged your confusion .

What stands in the way of love? Fear is my answer. Fear stands in the way of love when I refuse to see why it shows up in the first place. Fear blocks out the warm, content, good-feeling rays of love. When fear rattles my cage, I don’t like it. Yet, I feel confused about it and unaware how to change the feeling.

Fears are like clouds. Fears come from me as some sort of caution sign. Fears hold my attention. If I ignore feelings of fear, they make me feel uncomfortable, like I’m thrown around by the waves you see in the above picture.

I sometimes compare these gray-feeling moments to having the flu. If I take better care of myself the fears subside. I seem to be unsure of tools of fear prevention, but I know I’m on the right track when I stop whatever I’m doing or thinking.

What might be these lessons? I know my lessons have to do with awareness of my dis-alignment with my best-better-fair-not so fair-self. An example, I want to call an old friend, but I am fearful so don’t call and begin to feel bad about loosing friends over the years. A simple call would challenge this fear. Once I tend to my fear, it dissipates. I return to alignment and am at peace. Because I have lived many moments of peace I know it’s possible to be at peace from within.

There are moments I experience beautiful unity with the best, most loving of myself. In these moments, all of me are in gorgeous harmony. I sense no longer am I at odds with myself, but one happy character.

Whenever i stop and explore and tend to my fears, I no longer am conscious of conflicting feelings. I am aware the waters have calmed and all is well.

I wonder if these words are clear enough. Are you reading this, aware of the fluctuation between feelings of love and fear? For me, it is a continual and deeply important internal conversation.