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Commitment to Write: Day 2 February 2019


Yes. Acceptance seems to be the doorway to any number of possibilities. An intentional pause can effect our point of view. Often we are unaware of what we are seeing. With a new mindful perspective comes change! The winds blow in a new direction and our landscape changes. We have an array of choices!

Our words can create a holding pattern, reminiscent of the Groundhog Day Movie with Bill Murray. (Happy Groundhog Day BTW! Hope you can have fun today!)

When we talk, we usually are not even aware of the effect we produce. An example:

Q: I have recently lost my job, and I am panicked I won’t find another job. I can’t imagine this book can help me?

A: Well, it can. You may not realize it, but look at your words, “lost” and “panicked”. These words are holding you hostage to a situation you really don’t want. Is there a gentler way to talk about your situation? … Put new words to your situation. Change your way of thinking about this situation, especially in conversation with others. This will open new opportunities for improving your situation.

a quote from “Getting to Happy: Learning to Read Emotional Messages”

For those of you who like word games, it can be fun to change negative, fearful words with words holding encouragement, confidence. You need to be mindful of the negative words before you can play! Try this game at dinner time: Player 1: I can’t; Player 2: I usually enjoy trying.  I bet I can! Player 1: I cooked a terrible dinner! Player 2: I enjoyed being with you tonight.  So fun when certain things turn out!

The idea is to get to a lighter side of life and turn away from words causing doom and gloom!

Stay on the sunny side!

This week I kept a dental appointment. The dental hygienist said, I’m sorry for making your gums so unhappy! They seem very irritated. I instinctively replied, Oh, they’re just super excited to see you! They’re happy as can be! She thought this was hilarious! We both laughed.

Why should it ruin my day over the fact I need to pay more attention to flossing? My gums are obviously reacting to this cleaning. They’ll have lots of time to relax after I leave. And I will floss every day to strengthen my gums! In my mind there is no reason to worry over a situation. I try to accept what has happened and go from there. If I decide to worry or someone else tries to provide me with more worrisome words, I like to turn away from those thoughts and face towards something funny, happy and creative. In other words, I am getting better at knowing what I like and what I don’t like. I can choose what I like if I stop and leave what I don’t like in its tracks!

Happy thoughts cause life-changing vibrational waves of enjoyment well beyond what I could ever feel with negative thoughts. I have taught myself to replace negative words with words holding positive meaning for me. Then any actions will collaborate with joy. My world situation will always be what I allow my heart to inspire.

a quote from “Getting to Happy: Learning to Read Emotional Messages”

Life can be what we wish it to be! What about happy and carefree?! Acceptance is the doorway. And the way to get through is to mind your own business without guilt or regret.

Listen to Lilly Hamlin read, Why Another Happiness Book

Are you enjoying these articles? Together we can inspire a world satisfying, uplifting.

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Commitment to Write: Day 1 February 2019

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Today I am committing to writing daily entries on during the month of February.

The power to engage with a goal is magnified when made public. I make the wish to happily fulfill this commitment.

To the degree you begin your day with a commitment to seek unity with your goals is the degree you succeed.

“Getting To Happy: Learn to Read Emotional Messasges”

Commitment is like diving into a pool, or beginning a speech or song in front of an audience. There is a moment of inner terror. If you can get beyond the emotion by changing your perspective for a spark moment, you succeed in happy, wonderful ways.

So on this first day of February, I am walking faithfully forward into a month of daily publishing.

Even though I do not know what each day in February will hold, I make this commitment. Now I feel excited, not fearful!

Even though I wonder whether I will find people who connect with my ideas. Now I feel courageous and it feels good.

Even though I don’t have a thing to write about today. Now I feel like I’m just stalling.

Break through! That’s what I hear. Allow the better feelings of confidence, bravery, excitement into my days of waning winter!

This month I will allow a deeper connection with what can be when in motion rather in a stalled, fearful position. It is time to prepare for spring!

Addendum: If you are so inclined, join me in this commitment. What are your thoughts?

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Consistently Cool Commitment!

“I rely on my commitment to happiness.” – Getting To Happy: Learning To Read Emotional Messages

Commitment appears so basic it is often overlooked.  Now, it is obvious.  The way to any self-improvement is through practice.  Consistency insures success!
Let’s commit to one self improving trait each morning this week?  We can do anything once we commit. 

What is your wish for an improved life?  Commit to practicing this thought every day.  Start now!  Here are life-changes you could make and succeed in this week:

First thing upon awakening:

  1. Appreciate the fact you woke up alive!  Your heart has been beating all night without you even worrying about it.  No need to start worrying now! Appreciation opens the door to great and life-supporting attitudes.  It is easier to see solutions when you accept the fact that things can always work out for you.
  2. Find your smile muscles and think of what helps you smile inside! Did you know smiling uses less muscle power than frowning?  Give yourself a lift today. Smile! Smile as often as you can remember during the day.  You may be surprised how many people warm up to a smile.
  3. Feel the comfort of the pillow and covers. See how long you can enjoy this. There are so many ways to feel good. The pillow, sheets and covers are a good place to start your day!
  4. Take a look in the mirror and say hello to the one who will be carrying you through your day.  The person you see in the mirror is your very best friend.  Treat yourself well today!

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” — Wayne Dyer

No matter how weak you commit, you can achieve great things when you consistently commit to a thought and behavior. Commit to one thing. Practice it for a month. Come on! You can change your world!

What changes do you want to commit to?  How has commitment changed your life?

Sammy is no longer with us, but she was a wonderful Happy Coach!  She reminds us to remain faithful to our goals and to our fun!