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How beach living can be part of your life!

You probably have wished you could live right on the beach.  Haven’t we all?

We can watch the vacation and buy-a-house-on-the-beach videos.  Or we can take a piece of paper and lose ourselves in drawing our special, private beachfront fun land.

This is how I spent this afternoon.  I’ve been playing with a digital rendition of my dreamy beach place, and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my home!

I have been lost in a lovely interaction with my i-pen, i-pad and a little dreaming time. Three hours have passed and I didn’t even notice! I can hear the waves gently crash onto the sand, the breeze, and enjoy the colors. It’s a beautiful day to dream.

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Daily Preparation For Happiness

When you take a test, you study for it.  When you have a dinner party, you plan for it.  Doesn’t it make sense that if you want to have a happy day, you envision it?

Positive thinking takes a little planning at the beginning of each day.  After the planning takes place, it is smooth sailing.

Can you just imagine a happy day, every day?  Can you imagine leaving behind days of worry, fear and frustration.  Why not spend a moment or two each day planning for ways to let your happiness shine through?  Here are some more ideas:

  1. Go to sleep thinking of all the people with whom you will meet tomorrow.  Think of what you like about each one.  Envision yourself laughing with them tomorrow.  Enjoy their smiles.  (By the way, this is a great way to fall asleep).  If there is someone you have not gotten along well with during the day, picture this person bringing you a bunch of balloons.  Picture both of you laughing at the wind.  Plan to see the brighter side of this person next time you meet.  Realize you are both of the same fabric.
  2. Put a ring on your finger.  When you rise, imagine how good you will feel in the outfit you are about to wear.   Plan to be attentive to your desire to be happy by wearing a ring on your finger to remind you that happiness can only be blocked by your negative thoughts.   Each time you see your ring, check the way you feel.  If you are feeling bad, pause and change gears.  Allow happiness to flow through your being throughout the day.
  3. Use your smart phone’s alarm.  Set your phone’s alarm or timer for an hourly check throughout the day.  When you hear the reminder, check to see what you are doing and how you feel.  What are you thinking about? Is there a smile on your face or are you lost in self-imposed attitudes that are causing you to feel bad?  You can change your thoughts immediately and remember your intention to be loyal to the happiness and peace that lives within you.  This is a great way to create habits of well-being.
  4. Plan your day by removing all worry.  It is important to plan your day.  It is powerful planning when you remove worry, concern, anger, defense and any other negative thinking to your plan.  For instance, if your plan is to improve at work and you say to yourself, I must not make anymore mistakes when I type, changes are that you are planning to make mistakes and you’ll wonder why your day went so poorly.  However, if you plan to improve at work by allowing your natural ability to be happy shine through everything you do, and you say, I love who I am and I am eager to share my wonderful abilities to make all that I do helpful to myself and others, I will be able to work mistake-free because I am in tuned with the best of everyone else at work.  Plan without worry.

Plan to be loyal to who you truly are and all things will follow.  It is possible to have a worry-free, guilt-free day.  It is possible to have heaven on earth.  It really is our choice.

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The Art of Feeling Good – Five Lessons

There are so many ways to feel good. Here are some:

  1. Wake up with the enthusiasm of a child. A child wakes up with surprise, readiness and willingness to explore whatever is around. It can be a toy, a first experience with snow, a shadow, the sun or anything else that presents itself. Before you go to sleep, make the intention to wake up with childlike acceptance of all around you. Be aware the moment you find yourself conscious. Listen. Look around the room and enjoy the delights of your furniture, the light coming into the window, the feeling of your bedding and anything else that catches your attention. Take a moment to feel your toes, your legs, your arms, your hands and your amazing ability to use your eyes!
  2. Be grateful for everything you encounter. Forget judging situations as good or bad. Enjoy the rainy weather with as much enthusiasm as sunny days. Enjoy the days you are tired as much as the days you have great spurts of energy. Enjoy the opportunity to be on earth to explore all kinds of experiences. Nothing is good or bad. Everything is. The more you appreciate each moment, the more capacity you will have for happiness.
  3. Forget what you should do and just do. Let go of obligatory relationships. Take on relationships that feel free. Love another and actively demonstrate your love to another because the opportunity is in front of you. Let go of thoughts that tell you to demonstrate your love out of duty. Let go of thoughts when you think that performing such actions will make you a better human being. You already are perfect. Act from the core of love and you will always feel good.
  4. Remember you come from the same source as everyone else. There is no one better than you. You are not better than anyone else. You are of the same substance as everything and everyone. How you wish to express your being-ness makes you unique and gives you the enjoyment of being on earth. Try not to benchmark yourself with anyone else. It may be difficult to do at first, but with practice you will experience such joy that you will forget the introspection in exchange for the good feelings of satisfaction.
  5. Recognize that love isn’t only for the flower-children. Be truly brave and find your sense of well-being. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be a very popular stance to choose to love over defending one’s position. Most times we get caught up in fighting for some intellectual thought cloaked as morality and all but lose our connection with our true nature. We think we must stand fast if we are to save this nation or ourselves. We fight and stand up for so many ideals that allude us and wonder why we don’t feel well. Choose love and every time you will be saved from feeling bad.
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Feasting On Thoughts – Are You Caught In Negative Thinking?

How can you recognize your thought process caught in negative thinking?  Here’s an idea! Imagine an amazing feast that magically passes through your brain, one that automatically and continuously serves up courses. An imaginary banquet of thoughts!

Interaction with the banquet’s chef is most helpful.  For a satisfactory meal you need to choose your courses.  If you neglect to order (choose) exactly what you want, you will receive what you previously ordered. This chef is not aware of what makes you feel good or bad. The chef will serve up platters that contain old, poisonous food, food that leaves you with suffering and indigestion if this is what you have eaten in the past. The buffet must go on. The more you eat similar dishes, the more frequently these are served up to you.  The imaginary conveyor belt drops off the same old food over and over with a few new platters left somewhere in the periphery

The new platters with fresh servings are overlooked, however, as the familiar poisonous servings fill your appetite.  Sometimes you remember you can eat anything you wish, but it seems almost impossible for new dishes be eaten ….  the chef has grown accustomed to serving up the old dishes, and, you keep forgetting that there is any other kind of meal.  You continue to suffer with indigestion and sometimes wish for new dishes yet you willingly eat the same old dish when it is served up.

In this imaginary game, we would need to stop the conveyor belt and become conscious of all the awesome possibilities before we eat another thing.  Only then could we choose a new dish that was healthy for us, the one that makes us feel good after we eat it.

Your thought process is a banquet of ideas that can lead to possibilities and to creation.  A banquet of thoughts are served up continuously.   You have the power to order whatever you like. With your thoughts you can accomplish anything and everything you wish. The thought-chef does not care what you choose.  But remember the banquet story: if you don’t choose, you’ll be dished up with the same old negative thoughts that you’ve listened to all your life.

Take a moment today to identify all the familiar thoughts that create obstacles to enjoying life.  If you wish to locate your happiness try to order a positive, fresh thought or two upon rising each morning.  You’ll find a richer, happier day awaiting you.  One positive thought of gratitude will bring a serving of another, and another.  Fill your banquet table with thoughts of happy anticipation, appreciation and presence of nature; learn a new language; exercise or dance! Don’t worry when you notice your thoughts have been argumentative, painful, and downright poisonous in the past.  As soon as you order a different meal, and consistently order meals of positive thoughts of gratitude, happy planning, wishing and doing, the negative thoughts will be a thing of the past.  Stay with it and you will find your life is healthy, wealthy and happy!