The Art Of Receiving, Part Two

When you are in the state of reception you recognize that you come from a limitless source or origin.  You are conscious of the fullness of life.  Waking moments are filled with gratitude.  Your day is filled with receiving each moment as gifts and as your thoughts are aligned with gratitude within your actions your life appears limitless and joyful.  An atmosphere of plenty surrounds every moment.

People may argue that thinking everything is limitless is naive.  Surely there is not a enough money, they say.  Surely there are not enough jobs for all.  Surely there are not limitless ways to do something.   It is this kind of thinking that makes receiving very difficult.  Respect of resources continues to be a necessary aspect of your ability to receive.  Yet, fear of losing and states of neediness, put a clamp on the connection to our limitless origins.

You see signs stating Believe.  This reminder can be helpful in opening up your receptors to all that is intended for you today.  On this last day of the year, let’s take a step toward receiving our inheritance of an amazing existence.

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