A Must-Have Skill: The Art of Receiving

As you read these words and find you are in a peaceful state, you already understand the art of receiving.  

Think about it.  When you are in a receptive mood everything flows between and among all of life’s energy. You experience a feeling of wellness.  Everything is easy and you feel proud!

When you act from a stance of controlling a situation, you stop the connection.  You experience stress.

You can save the day effortlessly when your actions are directed by inspiration.  You realize you have received an idea that will help.

On the other hand, when you attempt to save the day with thoughts of need and control, you have to extend great effort and you are exhausted at the end of the attempt.  You experience little happiness before, during or after this action.  This is due to the fact that it comes from your ego, your false self.  The thinking behind your actions are not received but manufactured in a state of absolute need.

The art of receiving makes everything facile.  Greatness emerges from this skill.  As you approach your day know that everything and everyone you meet is a gift to you. Know that you are a gift to others also.  Let joy enter your day and your ability to receive will grow. Place yourself in the state of reception whenever you find yourself losing your joy.  See if your day is not filled with more energy, happiness and sanity.

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