A Great Day to Read

I’m reading. Finally. I’ve been preoccupied with research on self-publishing and self-marketing. I have neglected to feed myself the rich words of others.

GETTING TO YES WITH YOURSELF has my attention. William Ury is a seasoned, professional mediator. He has an impressive background. He co-authored the bestseller, GETTING TO YES.You’ve heard the win-win concept. It influenced a change in thinking things needed to be won or lost with no middle ground.

Mr. Ury has refined his plan for successful negotiations by focusing on ourselves as part of the preparation for a meeting. Whether I am reaching an understanding with a family member, a boss, co-worker, or other companies, this book holds insights for greater success.

Even though I’m only a smidge into this book, I am loving his style. It holds my interest as well as inspires. Here’s my question. Would you like to read it too and form a book club here on my blog? I borrowed it on Amazon with the Kindle Lending Library. I’m sure it is available through your local library also. Does this interest anyone?

One of the themes I am already incorporating into my day is the balcony concept. We live on a stage. As I have talked about so often, we can experience, submerged and become overwhelmed. Standing back on the balcony is a way to keep ourselves from identifying with the emotions. He has suggested, and I have started incorporating, putting names on my emotions. This way I can identify what emotions are suddenly occurring from the viewpoint of the balcony. In other words, when I find I am angry I can easily take an objective notice by giving it a name. I’ve started talking about Gloomy Gilda, or Sad Sally, or Angry Anthony — all characters who show up in the play of my day. I know this isn’t new to me, but Mr. Ury’s book moves me to action.

So what do you think? Would you like to read it, share your ideas together and quite possibly grow towards more yesses?

This page can become the thread for discussion. What are you reading? See you soon!

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