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House Flowers

A new beginning for us

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Thank you for your interest in our gift shop! Manny and I manage to find the joy in what life brings to us each day. No, even better, we decide just how to reach a deliriously happy level every day! Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not. It takes a little effort in offering a happy remark or retelling a joke we heard. When the happy spirit is gone, it is a challenge to enjoy life.

We could say, “We don’t have a choice!” — you know — when you lose a job, or break up a relation, or fall sick. We may not have a choice with our current situations, but, listen, we absolutely have a choice as to how we will let our situations play out in our emotions.

It might feel hard to get out of bad moods. It becomes less challenging if we give in to the situation at hand. Once we stop and give in, we can begin to look for things that make us feel better. And, this feels so much better than wrestling with the situation in front of you. You know, the situation you can do nothing to change at the moment.

For me, playing the piano (when no one is around) can change everything. Painting and writing about positive thinking has the same effect. It is not yet a crime to feel good, so how about making the leap today?

I paint just about every day. People ask me where I sell my paintings. I must say, it is so much easier and pleasant to paint than for me to sell my wares. Still, art is for sharing, for uplifting, for reminding those who receive my art, life is to be enjoyed. So, when you see what you like on AbuNana Gift Store, we thank you for choosing and purchasing our inspirations. Live life as well as possible in each moment.

Be kind, enjoy your life!