Gratitude Changes Everything — Thank You!

No Matter What You Just Did You can Turn Everything Around!

It’s is true that you never have to stay in an unhappy state.  No matter what just transpired.  No matter how sad you are about the loss of a loved one.  No matter how angry you are about an auto accident.  No matter what mistake you just made. No matter what, you can change things right now!

Choose anything to be grateful for.  Anything at all.  Your dog.  Your cat.  Your home.  Your breakfast.  Your coffee.  Anything.  Think about how grateful you are for your eyelids!  Rubbish, you say?!!

Then think about how grateful you are for the little garden you have outside and think about how good it will feel to put your hands into the dirt and play like a kid.  Don’t stop until you regain your joy.  And, whatever you do, don’t go back to the thoughts that put you in the unhappy state. Your thoughts can create more like-situations.

When you think about what you are not grateful for, you are welcoming all those events into your life once again. Let go of those thoughts right now by replacing them with much lighter, happier and pleasing thoughts.  You see, happiness is really all up to you!













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