Love Is The Answer …. Every Day!

I believe in love.  I’ve known about it from the beginning.  I learned some of love’s lessons from my dear Nana who would welcome me into her deep, wonderful lap and hug. This was my first understanding of heaven.  I did not feel lost or alone.  I was confident of my worthiness.   My Nana loved me unconditionally.  She enjoyed being with me.  Her life was richer because of me and I knew it.  My life was richer because of her and she knew it.

Most of my life I have been a student of love.  I know this is why we are here so I am not ashamed to say this.  Sometimes I lose focus.  There have been many times when I confuse duty with love.  Yet, I never give up.   I  relish its freedom and lightness..  I begin to understand that just like the flowers I love, all of life has the same capability to soar freely within its pure energy.

Now, I am a Nana.  I can think of no finer relationship.  I have watched myself ease from duty to pure enjoyment. I believe love is the center of all.  It is worth reminding ourselves to leave all obstacles by the wayside to enjoy the moments of untethered love.  Love is the energy that supports cooperation, harmony, sharing and reverence.  Love is everything we need and love is everywhere to be found.  Love sometimes appears dormant within us and others, but it is always present just waiting to be called out.  I am confident all you need is love.

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