Choose Your Thoughts Or Your Thoughts Will Choose You

The more you choose your thoughts the more you can create the situation you desire.

Most of us are not even aware of our thoughts.  Many times fear is a hidden, underlying thought that rules the day.  Fear can take on many faces:  fear of being late, fear of not measuring up, fear or losing a job, fear of not being able to regain your balance after a loss, fear of losing more, or fear of being alone. Unrecognized, fear can cripple your ability to create happier situations.

There is no need to try to debate with fear and prove these thoughts wrong. This kind of approach will only create more fear. As in your approach with all negative thoughts, gently let them go and choose to replace them with thoughts of appreciation for what you have right now. Begin gently to think of all the people you know and who you appreciate.

Every negative thought cannot exist without you. Replace negative thoughts with powerful thoughts like, “I am happy to be here now” or “It is a beautiful day and I am happy to be with all of these trees and flowers!” or “I have always had abundance and I always will have abundance. I have always had what I need and I will always have what I need.”

As long as you believe you don’t have what you need, then you won’t allow what you need. Your reality depends on your attitude and thoughts. It continues to be up to you to accept the situation you are in and change your attitude to thoughts that can bring you peace. Happiness still depends upon your ability to create positive thoughts.

This earth, your body, your thoughts are the instrument played by the energy of love.  You decide what music you will play, or even if you will play.  You can make beautiful music with your life today by choosing well.

(The above was taken in part from “Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort”.

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Thoughts Or Your Thoughts Will Choose You

  1. Barbara –

    I could not agree with you more. I thank you for your insightful perspective and hope that many people receive the many benefits of your wisdom.


    1. Kevin,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am so happy to have this outlet. I visited your blog recently and loved reading about your family’s approach to Christmas. Always, there is something to learn. Happy New Year!
      Best to you,

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