Commitment to write: Day 5 February 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!! For me, it’s all about celebrating the many ways we channel energy. A good day to celebrate life!

Understand how kindness allows energy to flow within our cells and the cells of others.

Now that’s an interesting idea. What is it about acts of kindness? Can I change the direction of my day when I offer someone the right-of-way at an intersection? Can I breathe easier when I flow with my natural, kind energy?

Of course I can. This day and every day can be satisfying, one foot in front of the other.

With kindness we see the beautiful side of our world.

  • Today, I commit to being true to the person I admire.
  • Today, I remember to breathe kindness in and out.
  • Today, with kindness I know I will see the beautiful and fun things in life.

Let this day begin!

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