Getting To Happy, My Journey

It turns out, a book is often judged by its cover

I am conscious of vast new ideas, internal powers, an infinite array of selves from within. It has been another year of discovery and adventure!

One of the discoveries within my self-publishing world is the importance of a cover. The new ideas, internal powers and infinite array of selves from within respond to the cover and make a split decision to open and explore pages. I realize this now.

Old cover

The first cover showed a couple who appeared unhappy, in search of happiness. It was not something appealing to someone who wanted to improve their levels of delight. The new cover is a photo of a rhododendron in my garden. It’s a beautiful yellow variety! It is huge after years of growth in my front yard.

The closeup of one blossom is soft, warm, gentle, open, generous (to the the bees). To me, it suggests an invitation to continue along the road of happiness, to find ways to cultivate happiness rather than gloom and hopelessness.

At any rate, I am finally convinced covers matter. I am sure this thought holds power within my life and how I allow others into it. In a nutshell, here are my thoughts:

  1. Symbols, pictures, photos, etc., hold messages of energy and are received by others.
  2. Everyone places meaning to these energy messages according to their interpretation.
  3. The closer I am to my inner world, the more I can relate to the world around me. In other words, the more helpful I can be to others.

It’s a great world, if you stay on course! What do you think about covers? Happy day!

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