Be Prepared With An Inventory of Greeting Cards

There are family, friends, and acquaintances going through challenging times right now. A simple card, kept on-hand with stamps, will make you a hero.

Support cards, coming through the mail, can make a deep difference to the person going through grief. And, you can make this difference!

 “A – letter of condolence may be abrupt, badly constructed, ungrammatical — never mind,. Grace of expression counts for nothing; sincerity alone is of value.”

the 1960 edition of Emily Post

This support of sending a card to a grieving or situationally challenged person, often gets forgotten when you are not prepared with cards and stamps.

Who can benefit from having an inventory of greeting cards, especially sympathy and support cards?

  • Just about anyone. It appears that people who share similar beliefs with their chosen friends are more easily drawn to sending cards. The card seems to reflect and reinforce a further connection.
    In another light, the card may enlighten people and encourage them to explore new ways of thinking, new ways of feeling. These are gentle nudges of alternative ways to think about their current situation.
  • Supervisors. No matter how many employees you manage, staff have deaths in their families, accidents and sudden sickness in their lives; and on the other hand, they excellently complete projects! You miss an opportunity to bond with your staff if you aren’t sending out cards to homes.

You don’t have to buy cards, you can make some up yourself, and have them ready to go when needed …to send before you forget this kind gesture.

Would you welcome a card in the mail when you were facing a difficult time?

Greeting Cards to replenish your inventory

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