Commitment to Write: Day 28 February 2019


The blogcast is pretty funny today. You might enjoy!

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Well, in my little corner of the world, I have successfully completed my personal challenge to write every day during the month of February! It feels so good to achieve a goal that is self-imposed. How do you think we celebrate?

Here’s what I’ve been doing. I’m hoping you don’t give me a pity laugh. Celebration according to Barbara.

  • DANCE AROUND WHILE HOUSE-CLEANING. .. clean sheets, laundry, a little dusting, dishes into the dishwasher. Nothing like a tidy house to begin a celebration, or at least semi-tidy.
  • PLAY THE PIANO! Now this is my kind of party! I was alone in the house. No one to drive crazy, remember I’m a beginner. I searched on the iPad for favorite songs. I found The Times, They Are A Changing! and Country Road. I studied a few chords and played/sang by ear. It was so much fun!! When I’m all alone, I think I sound great. When I know someone is listening, I’m busted. Still it was great to play, loud and clear! –a good, healthy fun time!
  • SHARE A SANDWICH WITH MY HUSBAND AND TOP IT OFF WITH A LEMON BAR! Okay, this sounds dorky, but I make no apologies, I’m still celebrating!
  • TOP IT OFF WITH WORKING ON INCOME TAX. Now this has to be one strange way to celebrate. So, I might table this for another day. But it is on my mind, so I may be happier turning music and getting to it.
  • COME UP WITH ANOTHER NEW DESIGN FOR CLOTHING and place products on my website. I continue to have strange concepts of partying. But the day is young!
  • TAKE A RIDE TO THE STATE PARK. Take advantage of the bluest sky with fun-shaped cloud puffs. In the car with the heater on, it feels like a spring day. Outside it’s in the 30’s. Still it feels like a fun celebration day!


Now, I feel comfortable in writing a daily blog. I love this unexpected result! I am eager to see what writing creation will unfold … every day. This was a no-entry-fee challenge! And, I won just by playing. I’m pretty pleased..

Thank you for reading this month. I plan on learning more new skills, laughing at myself and getting to know my fellow writers. See you tomorrow!

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