How To Make A Habit Of Fun

You know people who walk into a room with such vibrance everyone turns to look. The room senses the party is about to begin! The room seems to lighten up! You love to be around these people. They seem to be in charge of fun times. We’d like to be like them! The Fun People!

You can be a fun person. At least once in a while! It may take a little practice. Your thoughts can direct your body to do just about anything. If we make a repetitive request, it becomes a habit. So, yes, we can all become a person of more mirth! Here’s some ideas:

  • MAKE A COMMITMENT TO PRACTICE FUN! Put a sign up on your bathroom mirror. Place a smiley face, an emoji or a check on your poster each time you catch yourself having a fun time. Ask yourself often, Are you having fun? Make a game out of making your mark!
  • EACH DAY DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT OR DO IT IN A NEW WAY! You may have to get your kids to school, go to work, clean the house, work on your taxes, eat, cook … whatever. There are many, many things you do every day, every day, every day. Take something easy, like going to work. Do you take the same road every day, and if you so, do you enjoy the drive? Or is it a stressful time. Take time to find the fun in the drive: different tunes, new roads to take, stop for a coffee, bring some goodies to work, see how long you can smile! Enjoy the trip.
  • TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOUR SURROUNDINGS! Play this game! Look at the room in from of you. Close your eyes. Now list how many things you can remember seeing: the items, the colors, what’s on top of what. (The more you play this game, the more you can describe.)
  • BUNDLE UP IF IT’S COLD AND WALK TO THE NEAREST BEACH, TRAIL, STORE, PARK, ETC. There’s nothing like taking yourself out! Get out of the house. If you are at work, take a walk around the block or to the nearest park, when you are on your break. You’ll stop from snacking and, over time, you’ll tone your muscles. If you ask a friend to come along, you’ll have some good laughs along the way.

  • LEARN A SPORT. The YMCA has a pool and lap pool and offers swimming lessons for adults. They also have classes from moderate exercising, to advanced, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chair Yoga and much more. It’s a great place for people who haven’t exercised in a while. Walking or biking around a lake or a park is fun! There’s always park benches to stop and take on the views. There are also adult basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball community teams you can join. Your city website usually can direct you to places you can meet up.
  • ATTEND ADULT CLASSES AT COMMUNITY COLLEGES: There’s nothing more fun than to attend a class where you don’t care about the grade! You can learn with other students: laugh, share, listen and in general, grow with the experience.
  • ATTEND ADULT COURSES ON-LINE. is a website providing free courses for kids and adults. You can take courses, step by step, or choose just the one’s of interest to you. The teachers and presentations contain action videos. I’ve taken these courses over the years and really enjoy the atmosphere. Fun!
  • LEARN A NEW ARTISTIC SKILL. Many people say out loud, I can’t even draw a straight line.  Art is one of the paths to your heart! Once you let go of how it’s supposed to look and just draw, you’ll enjoy the process. has amazing demonstrations for learning how to draw or paint. They even have many 3D techniques. This is a time fun can flourish. The truth is everyone can learn anything! A couple of years ago, I searched for a free piano on a local facebook buy/sell group. I was given a free piano! As easy as that! I arranged to have someone move it to my home, and I began to learn how to play. I used a piano software program for $89 for the year. It was fun to learn to read the notes and play the rhythms. I stopped the lessons and began to experiment playing by ear. Now the piano is a fun activity I can rely on every day!
  • USE A NEW RECIPE JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. If you have an afternoon at home, it’s always a good time to cook with your mate or by yourself. With the web there are incredible varieties available. Fun happens within the process, so don’t worry about the outcome as much as the pleasure it gives you to create your dish. Take time to enjoy. Enjoy the magic of joining food groups into a delightful meal. Fun!
  • AT THE END OF THE DAY, RATE ALL THE FUN THINGS YOU ENJOYED! By reviewing your fun day, you set up your tomorrow. And as your tomorrows grow in fun, you become the fun person who enters the room!