Commitment to Write: Day 26 February 2019


Practice Fun, whenever you can!

It’s a brand new day! Last night I was invited by my sister-in-law to join her in a wine and painting event. We had a refreshingly good time! What’s the feeling this morning?

Glorious. Satisfied. Eager to continue down this path of creation!

The old vibration gauge has definitely risen to a new sunrise! Today, my goal is to listen to the small intuitive ideas supporting my goals for fun, kindness, and joy! You wouldn’t think it was such a challenge to allow yourself to have fun, be kind and experience joy within your day. And, once you match with this vibration, it is easy.

It is fun to remember and talk about the past, but it is much more exhilarating to live the moment. This is what I plan to do today. Live the moment. I am going to practice fun!

I hope you join me. It is free! It won’t hurt! It can build a healthier body! It can build a healthier mentality! It can attract good things to come your way! As my father always said, He who follows me gets big treat!  He or she who follows joy gets big JOY!

So what are we waiting for. Let’s get this day started! Best to you, Barbara

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