Commitment to Write: Day 13 February 2019

Atmosphere of LOVE in the air, where to start!

Prepare for Valentines Day by random acts of love to self today!

All you need is love!  Today is Madly In Love with ME Day! Start with making a list of ways you will show love to yourself. This is probably the hardest list you will ever make. So at least find two loving things you will definitely do for yourself today.

BE KIND to yourself! All day today! When you hear self-defeating thoughts running around your head, eating into the fun of today, re-word the thought.

  • It goes something like this:
    • You should eat something more healthy. This thought does nothing for your happy day. Let’s try to re-word.
    • It might be fun to cut up an apple and eat it. I could even sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Do you hear a little attitude of fun? Are you more lighthearted? Just changing the words can move your attitude from duty to adventure!
  • Another example:
    • The house looks a mess.  I’m such a loser. This thought crushes your self-image. Let’s hurriedly change the wording.
    • It looks like I’ve been busy with projects and also enjoying myself.  Good work, Barbara!  Might be a fun time to spruce it up a little.  I like when it’s tidy! Your words have power to lift you up or smash you down. You just need to be aware of those pesky self-defeating thoughts.

Have FUN.  Once you discover feelings that are comfortable, uplifting, ride them like you are surfing a giant wave. Become an expert. Enjoy the comfortable feelings! Enjoy! Live in this positive world as long as you can. When you notice uncomfortable thoughts like negative self-perception, doubt, regret, even resentment come along, gently let them go. These thoughts can only shut off the fun times, so release them like you would a toy sail boat on a lake. Let the wind take them. You are busy having fun!

Stay HAPPY. Once you entertain kindness and fun times, staying happy is a certainty. Live these three rules within yourself and you have it made. The more you practice, the easier you expand your vision, appreciation and enjoyment.

On this day before giving love, spend time showering yourself with your heartfelt approval. Gently offer the imaginary scent of flowers to all the cells in your body from head to toe. Smile and let that smile radiate down through your arms and legs. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself, I love you!  When you can love yourself today, you will truly give the gift of love to others tomorrow.

I pass this piece of wisdom on to you today. Be best friends with yourself. Stop creating a nagging mother and an unhappy child from within. When you see a flaw, love the flaw. Soon you will realize this is not a flaw at all. This is who you are today. Discover it and love it! …. The only person who can see you the way you see you, is yourself!!! It follows then, the only person who can please you, and compliment you, and make you feel important, is yourself.  

Give up trying to fit in and LIVE your life with joy. You and I are marvelous creations. Enjoy today with your best friend who will always be with you … you!

An Audio Book is Waiting for you! GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages

Whatever makes you happy, do for yourself today! Look for the surprises that you have arranged for yourself and take time to appreciate! Best to you! Barbara

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