Finding the Road to Sanity Again and Again

You want peace. You want happiness. I do too. Because life changes for me every day, I want to explore and examine what I have created to this moment. Has it allowed me happiness?

Not only do things around me change. I change also. And, most important to me, … my emotions change like a weather station.

My point is this: my emotions detect, measure and publish the effect of my thinking to the core of my being, the best version of myself.

When my thoughts are running tapes about a past misunderstanding or a perceived threat in the future, my emotions send out the report. The further away I am from my best self, the louder and stormier my emotions are.

Emotions are my gauge to mental wellness The more I pay attention to my emotions, the more I can affect changes by changing my thoughts (the weather patterns).

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There are times when I ride on bursts of frustration, disappointment, confusion, and so on. It seems to just rush out of me without foresight. These emotional outbursts don’t seem mentally healthy to me and to those who have to hear me.

And when this isn’t really understood just endured, it can recur on a regular basis.

But I don’t lose hope. With consistent practice over a lifetime, I can create more enjoyable living even in the face of difficult situations.

When I give thoughts that do not serve me — thoughts that make me feel inferior, separate from others and even from my best self—I am alerted to the situation by my emotions.

I am able to eventually stop and examine the thoughts that may have set off the alarm. I eventually find these thoughts to be unhelpful. i realize emotions triggered my attention so I can make a change if I choose to. As I realign to my best self, I immediately feel better.

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I can rise out of any situation and enjoy this life.

This exercise, practiced over a lifetime, definitely has helped me.

I think you may find it surprising. Pay attention to the times you feel good versus the times you feel unhappy. Check your emotional weather station frequently during the day and adjust your thought focus, accordingly.

A simple but powerful trick:

  1. Check your emotional weather station when you first wake up!
  2. If you are feeling reasonably content, pleasantly satisfied, then stay with the good feelings as long as you can.
  3. When the emotional gauge drops or rises, its time to prepare for the storm!
  4. Stop what you are doing. Really, drop whatever you are doing. Go no further!
  5. Go for a walk, make a cup of tea, play with your pet, sit in the sun … whatever are your favorite things …until you are enjoying your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to let go of the troubling thoughts. Let go, let go, let go. Play, play, play … go to places where worry cannot go!

When you return to oppressive feelings, and you will, simply go back to #4 and 5. As you discover a lighter release of situational concerns, try to stay as long as possible in this new, happy moment. But when it cools, —or heats up to perhaps resentment, jealously, find another favorite thing to do, quickly.

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You can uncover each unhappy feeling. As you practice, you will detect the thinking that was detrimental to happiness.

As this realization becomes stronger, you will allow your best self to shine with the ease, like a sunny day. You may find you are not so loyal to dramatic expression. You may find you are creating new, more comfortably-aligned thoughts with your best self. In other words, your thoughts and the thoughts of your best self are closely united, allowing all the good things into your life without needing to defend against imagined enemies.


This method has been my friend and continually puts me back on the road to sanity. I hope it helps you.

Note: If you are having difficulty with your life, please share your struggles with a friend or family member. Perhaps seek out professional help. Shed light on your sorrow We all are on this life-journey together. How we share with others brings expanded meaning for many others. Our truth will make us free.


Oh yes. You can do it!

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